Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 817

Chapter 817 Kill Him

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Once he had Lu Zhanbei in his hands, he could contain anything he might have prepared behind the scenes.

The bodyguard received his orders and left.

Lu Zhanbei sighed in his heart. It seemed like he could only give it his last shot now.

Qi Junzes men moved very quickly. In a short while, a group of people had pushed open the door of the room Lin Wanwan was in.

It was now!

Lu Zhanbei focused his eyes. Just when he was about to give it his last shot, he heard a loud rumbling noise!

An earth-shattering explosion sounded. A flying cannonball blew up the entire roof suddenly.

The building material, mixed with dust, tumbled down. The clean environment immediately became a battlefield in a sorry state!

Du du du

At the same time, an alarm that signaled an enemy invasion sounded from all sides of the island.

Qi Junze stepped back and avoided a falling iron plate. His face changed drastically.

"Whats going on?!"

He immediately took out his gun and wanted to kill Lu Zhanbei. However, he realized he had already taken advantage of the commotion just now to hide somewhere.

"Damn!" Qi Junze immediately used the communicator to order dozens of people over. At the same time, he locked the door.

Over the Bluetooth headset, one of his men was making an emergency report.

"A minute ago, a large number of submarines came out from the sea to attack our people. We are fighting them now. Oh no! A few helicopters flew toward the direction of the factory. Be careful. Ill bring people over to reinforce immediately"

A burst of gunfire sounds traveled from the other end. Shortly after, the communication signal was cut off.


A helicopter seemed to echo one of his mens report as it hovered over the roof.

As the situation changed for the worse suddenly, Qi Junze roared in exasperation, "Immediately fire accurate shots!"

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Through the gap that was blown up, the bullets hit the fuselage.

Lu Zhanbei, who hid behind a cabinet, tightly held the gun that he had grabbed previously. After considering it for a while, he fired a shot, risking the danger of exposing his position.


The bullet hit the heart of someone. The other party responded by falling to the ground.

This shot also made Qi Junze discover Lu Zhanbeis whereabouts.

"Kill him!"

Everyone immediately changed directions and fired shots at Lu Zhanbei.

At this moment, a figure jumped down from the aircraft.

As his speed was too fast, the messy strands of hair before his forehead swayed constantly. His phoenixes were like those of a hunting falcon. He accurately located Lu Zhanbeis position, and his slightly pale lips curved slightly.Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

His toes, which were covered in black leather boots, stepped on a persons head. Using this momentum, he stepped on another person.

His elegant gestures were akin to floating clouds and flowing water; they were picturesque.

Qi Junzes men immediately paved a special air route for him.

As Mo Jiushang got closer to Lu Zhanbei, he fired shots to protect him.

Such a high-profile entrance naturally attracted Qi Junzes attention.

He raised his gun and aimed the muzzle at Mo Jiushangs head.


The bullet shot out.

Mo Jiushang, who had always been ignorant of danger, tilted his head and avoided the bullet easily. He glanced at Qi Junze and his lips curved.

The smile was obviously without any contempt. However, it carried with it humiliation, as if he didnt take him to heart at all.

He was about to fire again when he suddenly felt a strong sense of danger, as if he was being stared at by some beast.

Mo Jiushang hung in the air. His slender fingers played with a Swiss army knife with an extremely thin blade. He even had the leisure to yawn.

The next second, he threw out the Swiss army knife, this action seeming to be very casual.


What was surprising was that the Swiss army knife flew over at an extremely fast speed. Even though Qi Junze tried to avoid it the first instant, it was still too late.

The thin blade sank into his shoulder. Blood flowed out.