Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 818

Chapter 818 A Stifling Invasion

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Just when Mo Jiushang was hesitating about whether he should spend some effort to send this Mr. Qi to his death, Lu Zhanbei finally broke through the encirclement. He jumped forward using the strength of his run, and both of his hands grabbed the rope that was tied to Mo Jiushangs waist.

Seeing that he looked distracted, he knocked the back of his head in bad temper.

"Stop playing. Its time to withdraw."

" Oh."

Mo Jiushang looked a little regretful. To think he had especially slept for a few hours on the aircraft to make up for his physical strength so that he could fight a good battle.

The rope retracted upwards quickly, allowing them to distance themselves from Qi Junze.

As Qi Junze covered his injury with one hand, he roared at his men with a ferocious expression, "You useless bunch of people! Hurry up and fire shots at them!"

It was a pity it was too late.

In just twenty seconds, Lu Zhanbei and Mo Jiushang had returned to the helicopter.

The moment the hatch closed, Lu Zhanbei asked about Lin Wanwans situation.

"Shen Zhiyi and Gu Mo are already on their way to find them."

Lu Zhanbei relaxed. "Go over to meet up with them."

On the other end, Shen Zhiyi and Gu Mo had already brought along a group of people and rushed into the villa. As they exchanged blows with the people inside, they searched around. Without much effort, they found that room.

Coincidentally, when they arrived, they saw Tang Chen in front of Lin Wanwan, shielding her. He was exchanging blows with a group of men who wanted to rape her.

Due to the effects of the drug, he couldnt even showcase half of his usual capabilities.

Even so, nobody could break through his defense.

"Go!" Gu Mo waved and everyone rushed forward.

Seeing him, Tang Chen felt his extremely tightened heart relax. He knelt a single leg on the floor and breathed heavily.

Shen Zhiyi helped Lin Wanwan, who was lying on the floor, up. She was about to untie the ropes on her body when Tang Chens hoarse voice sounded.

"Shes been drugged. Bring her to see the doctor quickly."

Shen Zhiyi looked at Lin Wanwan, who was flushed red and leaning her whole body on herself. She quietly took her hands back.

"Gao Yang, come in quickly!" Thankfully, Shen Zhiyi had had the foresight to bring along Yun Mansions personal doctor and shouted into the earphones.

After the crowd was taken care of, Gao Yang appeared in the room and injected a tranquilizer into Lin Wanwan.

Not too long later, she fell asleep.

At this time, Shen Zhiyi waved her hands for Gu Mo to come over. "Bring her up to the aircraft!"

Gu Mo retreated a few meters and waved his hands. "Please spare me. If Sir finds out Ive carried Ms. Lin, he would throw me to Africa to dig up coal!"

Shen Zhiyi was defeated by him and was prepared to carry her.

"Ill do it!"

Lu Zhanbei, whod rushed over, saw that Lin Wanwan was safe and sound. His cold expression relaxed slightly, and he quickly lifted her up horizontally. "Shen Zhiyi, take Tang Chen with you and retreat together with us. Qi Junzes troops will surround this area very soon."

Even as these words fell, he had already disappeared.

Shen Zhiyi unwillingly walked toward Tang Chen. She tried to help him up. "Hey, peach-shaped eyes. If youre still alive, then oh!"

In the blink of an eye, Tang Chen suddenly wrapped his arms around her waist and suppressed her under his body.

Shen Zhiyi frowned as the back of her head hurt. She was about to scold him when she met a pair of bloodshot eyes.

There was no trace of humanity in his eyes. They were filled with something invasive that was stifling.

She had an ominous feeling in her heart. "Peach-shaped eyes, you oh"

Without any hesitation, Tang Chens burning lips landed on her slightly-open lips.