Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 819

Chapter 819 Lost My First Kiss

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The soft and cool touch made him sigh in satisfaction. His agile tongue instinctively peeled open her lips, and he swept his tongue inside crazily.

Shen Zhiyi exploded in an instant.

F*ck! This a*shole actually kissed her!

Shen Zhiyi panicked and pushed Tang Chen away.

There was a huge disparity in physical strength between men and women. Furthermore, the collapse of Tang Chens tolerance was simply too frightening.

He was probably tired of Shen Zhiyis dodging. He held her chin with one hand and forced her to look up. He was sucking her lips madly.

Gu Mo, who didnt have time to retreat, was stunned. He silently swallowed his saliva.

It was so exciting!

In the end, Tang Chen forcibly separated Shen Zhiyis legs and started to tear her clothes away.

Shen Zhiyi, who finally found an opportunity, raised her fists and punched him.


Tang Chen was knocked to the ground. The pain on his nose bridge made him recover a trace of sobriety. He looked at Shen Zhiyi in confusion.

He didnt get the chance to say anything before a hand grabbed the collar of his shirt tightly. Shen Zhiyi gave him another slap!

"Im going to hit you until your own mother cant recognize you!"

Another heavy punch landed on Tang Chens stomach.

Tang Chen sucked in a breath of cold air. He narrowly escaped another kick of hers. "Shen Zhiyi, enough!"

"Enough your head! Go and die!"

She had never been so furious in her life before. Shen Zhiyi threw punches at Tang Chen, who was not in his best condition. Tang Chen also knew that justice was not on his side and that he was the weaker party.

"Ms. Shen, calm down!" Gu Mo hurriedly joined the fight and caught her fist. "Qi Junzes men are about to arrive soon. We have to withdraw quickly!"

Shen Zhiyi unwillingly pulled back her fists. She glared at Tang Chen with hatred. "Pooh. Ill pretend that I was bitten by a dog!"

Tang Chens handsome and charming face was full of deep and shallow bruises. There was even a trace of fresh blood on his lips.

Although he looked like he was in a sorry state right now, he smiled with evil seductiveness. "But I saw that Ms. Shen seemed to be enjoying herself. Should I bite you again?"

"Youre looking for death!"

Seeing that Shen Zhiyi was about to rush over in bad temper, Gu Mo held on to her elbow tightly.

"Missy, leave quickly. Leave young Tang to me!"

"Peach-shaped eyes. Wait for me. Ill settle this with you again after we return to the Imperial Capital!"

"At the very most, Ill let you bite me."

"" Gu Mo nearly couldnt pull Shen Zhiyi back anymore. "Hey, young Tang. Wont you please shut up?"

If there was any further delay, they might have to leave their lives behind here.

Shen Zhiyi walked out without turning back. As she left, she encountered two enemies.

She clenched her fists and laughed ferociously.

Accompanied by pitiful screaming sounds, the two subjects whom she vented on fell to the ground, their heads swollen.

Shen Zhiyi clapped her hands and the anger in her heart eased a little.

She held her forehead. "Damn it. Lost my first kiss."

The island was embroiled in a fierce exchange of battle fire currently.

Qi Junzes men were scattered all over. Coupled with Lu Zhanbeis targeted attack method, this meant that even if hed dispatched troops the first instant, his manpower couldnt arrive in time.

When Qi Junze broke through the encirclement set up by Lu Zhanbei, Tang Chen and Lin Wanwan were already on board the aircraft safely.

The feeling of being just one step short of success made him furious!

He looked up at the helicopter that was leaving. His expression was extremely gloomy.

"Mr. Qi, should we pursue them?"

"No need."

Qi Junzes men looked at one another. They obviously didnt understand why not.