Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 82

Chapter 82 Lin Wanwan We Ask That You Get Out

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“Lin Wanwan, it’s you.” Lin Siqing, who was wearing the skirt uniform, squinted her eyes and smiled. Whichever way you looked at it, she was up to no good.

Lin Wanwan frowned, bent down to pick up her books, and made to leave.

Lin Siqing stepped forward and blocked her way.

“Little fool, don’t you know how to greet your sister?”

Sister?Lin Wanwan smiled coldly. “Go away. A good dog doesn’t get in the way.”

Upon hearing the word “dog,” Lin Siqing’s expression changed. Without thinking, she lifted her arm and aimed at Lin Wanwan’s face, ready to hit her.

Lin Wanwan raised her arm and steadily held her wrist. Her grip was firm, and Lin Siqing was not able to break free from it.

“Why, do you want to bite me?”

She was no longer the Lin Wanwan who dared not fight back.

“Let go of me!”

Lin Siqing struggled, and Lin Wanwan abruptly released her hand.

Due to inertia, Lin Siqing staggered and landed on a step. Her arm suffered an abrasion due to friction against the ground. She grimaced in pain.

Lin Wanwan looked at her coldly and left.

Lin Siqing’s exasperated curses could be heard from behind, “Lin Wanwan, you big fool. You still dare to be so arrogant after doing such immoral things! You’re destined to be a dog that wags its tail pitifully in the Lin family. You won’t be able to survive in school or the entertainment circle!”

Lin Wanwan frowned. It was not her call if she would be able to stay in this school or not.

However, what were the immoral things she was referring to?

Due to time constraints, she did not think too much and rushed to the classroom at the fastest speed.

The moment she reached the door, the class, which was initially in heated discussions, immediately fell into a dead silence.

“Lin Wanwan’s here!”

The gazes from all directions were full of disdain.

What exactly happened?

Suppressing her doubts, Lin Wanwan walked in as if nothing happened. As she was about to reach her seat, a long-haired girl next to her suddenly stood up and pushed Lin Wanwan without warning!

“You drug addict, get out of our classroom! I don’t want you to pollute the air around me!”

With sharp eyes and agile movements, Lin Wanwan quickly supported herself with the table on the other side. As she stood still, her arm suffered another slap.


“Get out! Don’t touch my desk, you disgusting person!” A girl with her hair tied in a ponytail glared at her fiercely, her face unkind.

As she said this, the classroom started to echo in.

“Lin Wanwan, get out!”

“Imperial Capital High School do not welcome drug addicts. We will also not study with filthy people like you, so get out!”

“Seeing that you’re usually so obedient, I never expected that you will take drugs. I’m going to call the police if you don’t leave!”

Lin Wanwan glanced at the palm print on her arm and her face fell.

Taking drugs

Recalling Lin Siqing’s words, Lin Wanwan understood everything!

There were only a few who knew that she’d been injected with drugs before.

Lu Zhanbei would not do this. Tang Chen was also not the kind to start rumors just because he had nothing to do. The culprit was very obvious.

Tao Xinyue!

Lin Wanwan strongly suppressed the waves of anger in her heart. Her unwavering cold stare swept across faces filled with indignation.

They looked at her like they were looking at a bed bug.

She did not try to explain anything. In the midst of the commotion, she continued to walk to her seat without a word.

This action provoked their anger even further.

“Lin Wanwan, we ask that you get out. Do! You! Not! Hear! Us?!”

Liu Zilin headed a group of students and surrounded her. Liu Zilin sneered, grabbed Lin Wanwan’s hand, and forcefully pulled her outside!