Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 820

Chapter 820 Ill Help To Take Revenge For Her

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Although Lu Zhanbei had a lot of men, they themselves didnt pale in comparison. There was a chance for them to fight it out.

Qi Junze didnt explain further. Actually, he knew that he had already won this battle.

Lu Zhanbei was left with only a few months now. Once he was dead, nobody could stop his actions anymore. Why should he bother sending men to fight this war?

His only regret was that Lin Wanwan was alive.

"Withdraw!" The pros and cons were clear. Qi Junze decisively chose to withdraw.

The men who were scattered all over gradually gathered to protect Qi Junze as he left.

On the helicopter, Lu Zhanbei clearly witnessed this scene through the telescope.

"Qi Junzes escaping."

Although he wanted to destroy all evil and leave no chance for revival, the people Mo Jiushang brought along were obviously not their men. Their overall quality paled in comparison.

Lin Wanwan wasnt looking too good either. They had to send her to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible. Thus, he could only put this down temporarily.

Regardless of how big the world was, he was definitely going to take Qi Junze out!


Tang Chen, who was half-leaning against the chair, opened his eyes. A few minutes ago, he was injected with a tranquilizer. Coupled with his strong will, he actually managed to survive. It was just that his body was a little weak.

"Lu Zhanbei, is there a time bomb here?"

Lu Zhanbei glanced at Mo Jiushang.

Mo Jiushang, who was sitting in the corner lazily, dug around his pockets for a while. He dug out a mini bomb the size of a ping-pong ball and threw it over.



Tang Chen threw it into his pockets and tied the long rope to his waist. He opened the hatch, then curved his lips and smiled at Lu Zhanbei.

Although his face was pale, he was still capable of being charming.

"Take good care of Lin Wanawn. Ill help to take revenge for her."

He had been to this island once. As Qi Junzes oldest working partner, the secrets he knew included the escape route.

Shen Zhiyi could not help but ask, "Peach-shaped eyes, youre not thinking of dying together with him, right?"

"If I can come back alive, Ill let you bite me back."

After saying this, Tang Chen jumped down.

Shen Zhiyi stared fixedly as Tang Chens figure gradually became a black dot. She could not help but frown.

Suddenly, she gritted her teeth.

She hadnt settled with him about the forced kiss yet. He wanted to send himself to his death no way!

Shen Zhiyi took reference from Tang Chen. She tied the ropes and jumped down.

At this moment, Gao Yang rushed over. "The drug that Ms. Lin was injected with contains ingredients that destroy her red blood cells. She has symptoms of poor breathing now and must be rushed to the hospital to undergo blood transfusion surgery. She wouldnt make it if were too late!"

Lu Zhanbei no longer hesitated. "Jiushang, stay behind to coordinate with them. Ill get going first."


In the secluded passageway, Qi Junze led a large group of people and moved forward quickly.

As he pulled open the metal door at the end of the passageway, a bang could be heard from the outside.

The bodyguards immediately raised the guns in their hands and aimed them at the sounds source.

"Who is that?!"

From the dense jungle, a slender figure walked out slowly. His crumpled suit and face full of bruises didnt seem to affect the lazy temperament he was giving out.


The vigilance in Qi Junzes eyes gradually disappeared. He walked over with joy.

"Youre here to bid me farewell?"

Tang Chen leaned against a tree. His beautiful fingers spun a small and sharp knife around. He asked, "How long have we known each other?"

"Twenty-five more days to seven years."