Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 821

Chapter 821 Breaking A Finger With One Knife

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Tang Chen was a bit surprised to know that he had remembered so clearly. "Seven years. Thats enough time for you to understand my principle of tit-for-tat."

Qi Junzes eyes behind the gold-rimmed spectacles darkened. "So youre here to condemn me. Isnt getting Lin Wanwan what you have always dreamed of? I was helping you."

"Helping me?" Tang Chen laughed coldly.

Both of them stood face to face. Qi Junze could clearly see the murderous intent in his eyes.

"If I were willing to use despicable means, Lin Wanwan would have been my woman a long time ago. Do I still need your help? What I want is her heart. Forget it. An emotionless pervert who sees his own interests above all wont understand this at all."

Qi Junze was hurt by the disdain and coldness in Tang Chens eyes. He was like a cat who got its tail stepped on. He retaliated, "Who says I dont understand?! Tang Chen, actually, I have liked a person for a very long time. It doesnt pale in comparison to your feelings for Lin Wanwan. I"

"This has nothing to do with me." Tang Chen didnt have the patience to listen to his story and interrupted him rudely.

Qi Junze made up his mind and planned to tell him the secret he had hidden in his heart for many years.

His eyes became as gentle as water. He subconsciously reached out and wanted to touch Tang Chens cheek.

"Of course it has to do with you. Because I"

Just when Qi Junzes hand was about to touch Tang Chen, he frowned with disgust. He raised his hand with the knife in it and the knife fell!

The sharp blade crossed an icy silver line in midair and landed on Qi Junzes thumb.


Accompanying this pitiful scream, the broken finger that was bleeding flew into the air and landed on the ground.

"Mr. Qi!"

His men were shocked. As they rushed toward Qi Junze, they aimed their guns at Tang Chen.

When they saw what was in Tang Chens hands, they froze in the act of firing shots. They didnt dare to take action any more.

Qi Junze covered the wound that was continuously bleeding. His ferocious expression was not only due to physical pain; more of it was due to emotional damage.

"We have known each other for seven years. Youre actually hurting me for a woman today? Do I not occupy any place in your heart? I dont believe it!"

Tang Chen said plainly, "Im already being merciful. Your one finger alone is not at all enough to make up for the damage caused to Lin Wanwan."

Qi Junzes heart ached. "Besides Lin Wanwan, your heart really cant occupy a second person? Even if that person is"

At this time, a rush of footsteps could be heard from behind the passageway.

"Mr. Qi, someones chasing over. Should we withdraw or attack?"

"Get lost." Tang Chen turned around and didnt forget to throw him a few words. "Surnamed Qi, Ill officially inform you of this. From today onwards, we are enemies. If you dare do anything else to harm Lin Wanwan again, Im going to want your life next!"

After all, they were working partners. Qi Junze had helped him quite a bit. He should spare his life.

Qi Junze saw Tang Chens back view and clenched his fists. "Tangtang, I want to tell you one final sentence."

"Im not interested."


Why? Why was he unwilling to give him even a chance to confess his love?

Even so, he still didnt want to let Tang Chen leave.

Qi Junze looked at him in a daze. His eyes were still so dangerous.

Without waiting for him to give orders, one of his men next to him saw his expression and thought that he had read his bosss mind. He raised his gun.


The bullet shot toward Tang Chen.


Qi Junzes face changed. He wanted to save him, but it was already too late.