Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 823

Chapter 823 He Should Completely Disappear

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Lin Wanwan was about to protest when he teased, "After hugging you, do you want me to raise you up high?"

"" Where did this childish person come from?!

Lin Wanwan relaxed completely. She leaned her chin against the top of his head. "Lu Zhanbei, were still alive. How good is that?"


In an angle she couldnt see, Lu Zhanbei was absent-minded for a while. Then, he laughed lightly. "Of course. Dont even think about getting rid of me."

Although Lin Wanwan managed to keep her life, she wasnt well and needed to stay in the hospital to recuperate.

Lu Zhanbei was worried that too many people would affect her recovery. He only allowed one person to visit every day, and the visiting time couldnt be more than an hour.

This day, it was Si Hans turn.

Lin Wanwan looked at Si Dada, who had been silently slicing apples ever since he entered. She couldnt help but say, "Youve already sliced thirteen apples. With another one, you would have enough to summon two dragons."

Si Han gave her a side glance, his eyes gloomy.

Lin Wanwan felt goosebumps up her scalp. "If you continue to look at me this way, I would think that youve fallen in love with me."

"You only realized this now?"

"" Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes consecutively.

After a very long period of silence

"Si Han, are you blaming yourself now?"

Si Han stopped in his actions of slicing apples. He said plainly, "No."

This womans observation skills were still as sharp as before.

No matter if it was her in the past or now, he had sworn that he would protect her well.

However, in the end, Si Han felt unprecedented frustration and defeat in his heart.

Lin Wanwan didnt expose the fact that he was saying one thing and meaning another again. She stretched lazily and said, "Werent you the one who said it? Lifes always full of thrills and excitement. Also, one who survives a great disaster is destined to good fortune forever after. Wait and see. Ill soon be at the peak of my life."

Si Han glanced at her energetic self and the depressed feeling in his heart eased a bit.


"Youre willing to be the manager of a fool. This proves that youre nowhere smarter."

"Then go ahead and continue to play. Play yourself to death and it would be just right for me to groom another newbie."

"Dont be like this. I know Im in the wrong~"

An hour of prison visit, oh no, visiting time passed by. Lin Wanwan felt bored again.

Coincidentally, at this time, someone knocked on the door. She became alert and said, "Please enter."

Unexpectedly, the person who entered was actually Fu Zhinian.

He was also wearing a patients clothes from the military hospital. White gauze was wrapped around all his fingers.

Lin Wanwan looked at his suppressed expression and actually couldnt tell if he was the main personality or the second personality.

Fu Zhinian sat by the bed and looked down expressionlessly. "Sorry."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. She shook her head. "Its not your fault."

"Although I dont know what that person did to you, Im sure that he caused you to be in this state."

As he said this, Fu Zhinian rubbed his lips tightly. A thick layer of foreboding evil flashed past his eyes. "Ill definitely not let him out again. He should completely disappear!"

No matter how legitimate "his" words were, it wasnt reason enough to hurt others.

It was unforgivable!

Lin Wanwan sighed. "Listen to me"

She shared the conversation she had with the cute little puppy before with him.

"Fu Zhinian, on a fair standpoint, although you have created him, you cant just let him help you when you need it and kick him away when you dont. Hes an independent personality, not your accessory."

Seeing that he was silent, Lin Wanwan continued, "When Im discharged, let me meet him. There should be an ending between the two of you. I can be the link."