Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 824

Chapter 824 Ignore These Two Retards

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After a long while, Fu Zhinian nodded. "Ok."

It was as if he didnt want to continue this topic as Fu Zhinian prepared to leave.

Before he left, he said in a low voice, "Lin Wanwan, Im very sorry for what happened this time. If you really like him, Im willing to let him accompany you forever."

"I dont mean this"

"Im leaving."

Lin Wanwan held her forehead in pain. She felt that things had gone one big round and returned to the original point again.

As Fu Zhinian returned to his own room, he bumped into Lu Zhanbei.

Surprisingly, both of them didnt pretend not to know each other and walk away directly. Both of them stopped in their tracks at the same time.

Lu Zhanbeis expression was as calm as before. "You went to see her?"


"She hasnt fully recovered yet. Pay attention to the time next time you visit her."


"Then Im leaving."

Fu Zhinian turned around. Looking at Lu Zhanbeis back view and thinking of Lin Wanwans words, a trace of struggle flashed past his eyes. In the end, he asked the question.

"Do you wish for me to stay?"

After he asked this, he regretted it immediately.

He was still feeling awkward when Lu Zhanbei turned around. A trace of a real smile flashed past his cold eyes, and he didnt make Fu Zhinian feel that there was a distance between them, unlike in the past.

"Regardless of whether its you or him, both of you are my younger brother and family."

Fu Zhinian only recovered himself after Lu Zhanbei had walked far away. He felt more relieved in his heart.

Was his performance just now stupid?

After half a month, Lin Wanwan was finally discharged.

After ending her prison-like stint, Lin Wanwan was so happy that she wanted to fly. She felt that the sky was so blue and the air was so fresh. Even Tang Chen, who teased her as soon as he arrived, looked so handsome.

Lin Wanwan was full of gratefulness to Tang Chen in her heart.

She really didnt dare to imagine if Tang Chen had sex with her back then

A word of thanks was insufficient to express her feelings.

However, without waiting for her to say anything, Tang Chen curved his lips and teased her, "Shush. If you really want to thank me, break up with Lu Zhanbei and be a couple with me."

"" Lin Wanwan was really defeated by this man.

Tang Chen rubbed his chin. "Please call me a gentleman in the future. ZhanHuo1isnt too bad either."

Ms. Shen, who similarly came over to fetch Lin Wanwan from the hospital, smiled coldly. "I think its more apt to call you Hooligan Tang."

Tang Chen glanced at her flirtatiously. "Why dont I let you bite me now?"

"If you let me do an operation on you, were even."

"What operation?"

It was unknown where Ms. Shen took out a sharp scalpel from. It reflected the cold light under the sun.


"" Tang Chen subconsciously tightened his legs.

What a joke. He hadnt even used it before. How could he be castrated just like that?

"Forget it. You can do it after Ive slept with Lin Wanwan."

"Doesnt this mean that I cant castrate you even when youre old and dying?"

Tang Chen choked. Then, he threw Lin Wanwan a seductive look. "I definitely wont be a Zhan Huo next time."

At this time, Lu Zhanbei, who had been watching by the sidelines, withdrew his gaze. He pulled Lin Wanwans wrist and left. "Ignore these two retards."

Tang Chen didnt chase after them. Knowing that she was fine, he was relieved.

Shen Zhiyi walked to his side. Ever since Tang Chen forced a kiss on her, she felt that he wasnt pleasing to the eye. She said sarcastically, "I couldnt tell that young Tang was so sentimental."

Tang Chens eyes turned. "So have you changed your opinion of me?"

"This cant change some of the established facts." Shen Zhiyi flexed the cold scalpel in her hands. The murderous intent was strong.

Tang Chen raised his arms. "Calm down. Ill admit defeat."

His gaze shifted and he looked at the direction Lin Wanwan took. His eyes were sorrowful.