Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Very Purely Wanted To Take A Bath With You

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Back at Yun Mansion, Lin Wanwan rolled around on the familiar bed in satisfaction.

"Home is still the most comfortable place."


Without them realizing, this place had already become the nest they lived in together.

Lu Zhanbei buried his face in her neck and took a deep breath.

The over-excited Lin Wanwan said a lot of things. Lu Zhanbei replied to her mindlessly and seemed a bit lazy.

Lin Wanwan noticed his abnormal silence. She didnt think too much about it and flipped her body. She straddled his lap and her fingers slid gently across his Adams apple.

"You must be tired these few days as well. Go and rest early. To celebrate my recovery and discharge from the hospital, Ill give you a surprise tonight."

"I hope it wont be a scare instead."

"Look forward to it. I guarantee you wont be disappointed."

Lu Zhanbei circled her waist. "Sleep with me for a while."


Lin Wanwan had slept to her fill for the past few days. She woke up in less than an hour. Seeing that Lu Zhanbei was still sleeping soundly, she got out of bed lightly and started to prepare for tonights surprise.

In the evening, a candlelight dinner was prepared.

After waking Lu Zhanbei up and dismissing the servants, the two of them started their meal.


The wine glasses touched lightly, and ripples formed on the surface.

Lin Wanwan looked at the man, whose face looked more charming under the candlelight. She swallowed her saliva.

"Another glass."

Thinking of what would happen next, she was lacking a little confidence and needed some alcohol to boost her courage.

After drinking, Lu Zhanbei twirled the wine glass in his hands. His thin lips curved lightly. "Tell me. What is your intention for making me drunk?"

Lin Wanwan looked calm as she said, "I want to have sex with you after getting drunk. Is that allowed?"


" Why?"Isnt this what he has been expecting the whole time?

"I looked at the calendar in advance. Its not appropriate to have sex tonight."

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Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes and continued to persuade him to drink.

Lu Zhanbei didnt reject her. However, it was a pity Lin Wanwan couldnt get him drunk so easily.

In the end, she herself became slightly tipsy while Lu Zhanbei was still awake.

After the meal, Lin Wanwan pulled Lu Zhanbeis tie and led him to the bathroom. She slid her fingers down his collarbone and wanted to unbutton his shirt.

The man had already grasped her wrist tightly. He half-laughed and raised his eyebrow. "What do you want to do?"

Lin Wanwan had an expression that seemed to say "trust me." "I very purely wanted to take a bath with you."

Lu Zhanbei was about to open his mouth when blood seemed to have rushed up. Shortly after, he could taste blood in his throat.

He said without changing his expression, "Go and wash up first. Im a little drunk. Ill take a break first."

After saying this, he pushed Lin Wanwan into the bathroom. He stumbled on his footsteps but very quickly stabilized himself, as if he had just slipped.

Lin Wanwan was a bit stunned. What situation was this? It was not easy for her to finally muster up the courage to give herself to him, but she was actually being rejected now?

Ah. Could it be that he was deliberately taking revenge as she had rejected him too many times in the past?

Lin Wanwan decided to try again. After showering, she deliberately changed into the sexy nightdress she had prepared.

Lu Zhanbei, who was on the bed, continued to close his eyes. He seemed to have really fallen asleep.

Hadnt he slept for the whole afternoon?

He must be pretending again.

Lin Wanwan pulled open the blanket and climbed into his embrace. She subconsciously felt that he had tightened his grip on her and could not help but smile. She took the initiative to kiss his lips, then closed her eyes.

This was a signal of invitation.

One second 30 seconds Two minutes had passed.

Lin Wanwan wasnt patient enough. She made up her mind and reached into his shirt. She was satisfied with the touch and was about to go downwards when her hand was grabbed.

"Stop it."