Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 826

Chapter 826 Dont Think Of Touching Me

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"No, I want to." Lin Wanwan raised her head and kissed Lu Zhanbei. At the same time that she slipped her tongue deeper, her body pressed against his tightly.

Lu Zhanbei finally opened his eyes. Under the dim light, his pair of phoenixes were as bright as obsidian, and he didnt look sleepy at all.

"Be obedient." His tone was helpless.

Seeing that he was rejecting her again and again, Lin Wanwan stopped her actions. She couldnt help but ask, "Lu Zhanbei, are you facing any issues with it?"

"Try touching it."

Lin Wanwan followed his words boldly and her cheeks flushed red.

She wrapped her arms around Lu Zhanbeis neck. "Stop holding back. Im willing to give it to you."

Lu Zhanbei lowered his head and met her agile eyes. After a while, he suppressed a sigh.

"Ive never seen a woman who is more stupid than you."

"What do you mean?" Lin Wanwan snorted.

"You nearly lost your virginity, so you want to hand your innocence over to me as soon as possible. Only you can come up with such a stupid mentality of once bitten twice shy."


Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan was stunned.

It couldnt be that this man could read her mind, right?

Unwilling to take it lying down that he had seen through her, she became stubborn and said, "Nonsense. Its not because of that."

"Then why?"

"Do I need a reason for wanting to sleep with you?"

Lin Wanwan thought of his refusal and felt that there was something wrong somewhere.

In order to dispel her uneasiness, as well as to score one back for herself, she pounced over hungrily. She started to nibble on his lips and violently tore his shirt with her hands. The expensive cuff links fell to the ground.

"Lu Zhanbei, Im going to make you a man under my skirt tonight."

After saying such ruthless words, she displayed all her martial arts skills and used them on the man.

Lu Zhanbeis passionate cells were immediately ignited.

The person touching him all over was the woman he longed for the most. The places those hands touched felt as if they were on fire.

A mans arrogance and self-esteem made Lu Zhanbei unwilling to be controlled by a woman any longer. He immediately snatched away her initiative and pulled with his hands.

That nightdress with very little fabric was thrown to the ground. He circled her waist with his right arm and lifted it up high.

With the last layer of clothing separating them, the sweat on their bodies were mixed together.

Men were the most attractive when they were in love. Their passionate tongues intertwined and ignited the huge fire of desire.

Lin Wanwan closed her eyes and was prepared to give herself to him.

However, the pain that she imagined never came.

Lin Wanwan opened her eyes while trembling but only felt that her body was light. She saw him flip over.

"Lu Zhanbei"

She didnt understand why he suddenly stopped when they had reached the point of no return.

Lin Wanwan didnt see that Lu Zhanbei, who had his back facing her, was pale. However, there was a strange flush on his cheeks and it was deadly seductive.

Due to forbearance, there was slight sweating on his forehead. Every time he breathed, he exhaled thick heatwaves. Even his eyes were red.

There was even a trace of blood on his lips.

"Lin Wanwan, Ive decided." His tone was calm and he didnt sound different from his usual self.


"Before we get married, you are not to touch me. If you get tired after playing with me and are not willing to be responsible, wouldnt I be at a huge disadvantage?"


What? Shouldnt these words be hers?!

Lu Zhanbei didnt look at the confused Lin Wanwan. He walked over to the bathroom elegantly.

It was just that the moment the door closed, he could no longer control himself and began coughing. Thankfully, hed covered his mouth quickly and the sound didnt travel out.