Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 829

Chapter 829 Lu Zhanbeis Strange Look 2

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This little vixen was really trying to seduce him anytime, anywhere. "Its too short."

Lin Wanwan touched his body innocently. "Not short at all."

"I mean time. Lin Wanwan, you need a packet of powder to get rid of that dirty-mindedness."

"You were the one who have trained me to be so dirty-minded."

"Yes, I, from the former generation, am about to die in your hands on the beach."


Lin Wanwan realized belatedly that the topic had been changed again.

She didnt know why, but ever since that night when Lu Zhanbei rejected her, she felt that something was amiss.

The more she couldnt figure it out, the more she wanted to find out what the problem was.

Lu Zhanbei saw that she was in deep thought and patted her head. "Go back quickly. If not, you will be late."

He knew this womans acuity more than anyone else.

Lin Wanwans thoughts were interrupted and she could only shake her head. "You havent been resting well recently. Go and sleep for a few hours now. If not, I wont leave."

"Ok, Ill listen to you."

Lin Wanwan saw with her own eyes Lu Zhanbei lying on the bed, closing his eyes, and obediently falling asleep. Only then did her heart feel a little steadier.

When she returned to the production studio, she bumped into Shen Zhiyi at the door. Both of them headed to the filming location.

Perhaps Lin Wanwan had something on her mind. She NG-ed a couple of times before successfully finishing the filming.

She moved a small stool over and sat down next to Shen Zhiyi. She stuffed a drink into her hands.

Seeing that she wasnt paying attention and kept biting her straw, Shen Zhiyi raised her eyebrow. "Something on your mind?"

" I guess so."

"Im very willing to be a beautys rubbish bin."

Lin Wanwan stuttered and couldnt say anything.

Shen Zhiyi saw her conflicted expression and said "oh" meaningfully. "I know. It must be related to Lu Zhanbei. Did he come too fast and that affected your confidence regarding the future?"

"Cough, cough, cough!"

Lin Wanwan nearly choked on her milk tea. She coughed for a long period of time.

"Sister Zhiyi, youre a famous daughter from a prestigious family. Cant you be more tactful in your words?!"

Shen Zhiyi raised her hands up. "Ok. I shall stop guessing. Take your time."

Indeed, Lin Wanwan needed an onlookers opinion. After hesitating for a while, she told her everything.

As for those passionate details she omitted them.

Shen Zhiyi was in deep thought. "You mean Zhanbei has changed from a hungry wolf who could eat meat anytime, anywhere, to a pure-hearted monk? Indeed, this is unusual. Generally speaking, he could have forgotten the old because of the new."

Lin Wanwan shook her head. "Hes not this kind of person."

Shen Zhiyi also felt that this conjecture was too far off the beam. Her eyes suddenly shone. She clenched her right fist and punched the left fist.

"Then there must be something with his physiology. For instance, he feels that he cant satisfy you. Thus, he wants to have sex with you only after curing it so that his self-esteem wouldnt be hurt."

"Thats not the case either."

"Why are you so sure?"

"Because oh, stop asking. Anyway, I just know it!"

Lin Wanwan was shy and embarrassed. Although she hadnt had sex with Lu Zhanbei yet, she understood his ability in that aspect.

Shen Zhiyi was confused at first. Then, she looked at her hand.

She understood it.

"If its not a physiological issue, then its a psychological issue. What is he concerned about?"

Lin Wanwan nodded in agreement.

Shen Zhiyi thought carefully for a while and her face sank. "During the period Zhanbei walked straight into the trap, nobody knew what happened."

Upon hearing this, Lin Wanwan felt that a hemp rope was wrapped around her heart, and she felt it become tighter and tighter.

Could it be that Qi Junze did something to him?

"Ill ask him straight in the face!"

Shen Zhiyi pulled back Lin Wanwan, who wanted to rush outside. Seeing that there were people paying attention to them, she immediately suppressed her voice and reminded her, "Dont be anxious. If he had made up his mind to hide it from you, you wont get the truth anyway. Try finding out from the side. You might be able to find some clues."