Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 83

Chapter 83 This Brat Is So Arrogant

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Lin Wanwan wanted to shake her hand off. Several other students rushed up. In the midst of chaos, she also did not know who had tripped her.

At that instant, she lost her balance and stumbled to the table next to her. Her elbow hit the corner of the table, and it was so painful that her face turned white.

“So noisy!”

Suddenly, an irritated voice rang like thunder and overpowered the noise in the classroom.

“Who do you think you are? This classroom doesn’t belong only to you”

Liu Zilin instinctively rebutted him. The next second, she met a pair of eyes full of hostility.

“Do you believe that if you say something again, I will pull out your tongue?”

“” The classroom fell to a dead silence.

The students who had just been making a ruckus did not dare to even take a deep breath now.

Lin Wanwan placed a hand on the table and stood up. Upon lifting her head, she saw an extremely beautiful, as well as an extremely annoyed, face.

The young boy with dyed hair was fair-skinned. The messy strands of his hair half-covered his exquisite eyebrows. When his long pair of red phoenix eyes looked over, the strong murderous look froze the entire classroom.

It was him, the person who was supposed to be sitting at the table next to her. Although she had been in this school for over a month, she had only heard of his name but had not seen him before.

What was his name again?

Fu Zhinian swept his eyes over and looked at Lin Wanwan coldly. “Sit properly.”

“Oh.” Lin Wanwan was very receptive and hurriedly sat at the empty seat next to him.

Liu Zilin was anxious and unwilling to take this lying down. She said, “Fu Zhinian, what do you mean by this? Lin Wanwan takes drugs. You’re actually defending such a person?”

Fu Zhinian stood up, his body long and slender.

He was not wearing the school uniform but a white shirt with black pants instead. The collar buttons were open, revealing a beautiful collarbone.

He stared at Liu Zilin coldly. He lifted his long leg and in an extremely smooth movement gave a kick!

This kick landed on Liu Zilin’s abdomen.

“Get out, you’re disturbing my sleep.”


Liu Zilin had been kicked far away. She landed on the ground and passed out.

Witnessing this scene, the crowd dared not utter a sound again.

Lin Wanwan was stunned.

This brat is so arrogant!

But it felt good.

Fu Zhinian sat down again and placed his arms on the table. He was about to lie down when he suddenly gave Lin Wanwan a side glance and said warningly, “No talking allowed when I’m sleeping. Don’t make any sound. If you do, I will throw you into the rubbish bin.”

Lin Wanwan made a hand action of pulling a zipper over her mouth, signaling that she understood.

One look at this brat and it was clear he was a bad child. He surely did not have a simple background, because if he did, these students would not have looked like they had seen a ghost when they saw him.

Fu Zhinian lay spinelessly on the table. His long legs were restrained under it, tilted sideways.

The diamond earring on his left ear flashed with a fascinating glow. His quiet, sleeping look could not conceal his uninhibitedness.

After a while, his even breathing could be heard.

The classroom was even quieter after he fell asleep, as if all other breathing sounds had disappeared.

The students looked at one another. Although they were reluctant, they could only give in sulkily when they saw the passed out Liu Zilin.

Teacher Yu walked in and saw the sleeping Fu Zhinian. She subconsciously lightened her footsteps.

She walked over to Lin Wanwan and said in a low voice, “You come out with me.”

Lin Wanwan nodded and stuffed the books in her desk.

The students looked at one another and gloated over the situation.

As expected by Lin Wanwan, the reason why Teacher Yu was looking for her was because of the drug incident.

If she had not been brought in by Lu Zhanbei, she would have been expelled a long time ago.