Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 830

Chapter 830 Lu Zhanbeis Strange Look 3

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Lin Wanwan calmed down and nodded silently.

As she was worried about Lu Zhanbei, she got off work early that day.

She returned to Yun Mansion and pushed open the door of the study room. Lu Zhanbei wasnt inside.

She went to the bedroom and saw that he was lying on the bed, sleeping. She could not help but heave a sigh of relief.

He had slept for the entire afternoon. It could be seen how tired he had been recently.

Lin Wanwan sat on the edge of the bed and stared at Lu Zhanbeis face.

Without that obtrusive pair of phoenixes, his elegant and handsome facial features looked calm.

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Lin Wanwan suddenly recognized his strange look.

Even if the light inside the house was dim, one could still faintly see that Lu Zhanbeis skin color was sickly pale. His thin lips were so red that they looked as if they were bleeding.

Lin Wanwan reached out and touched his forehead. It was so hot!

She immediately wanted to contact Doctor Gao Yang. However, as her foot hit the edge of the bed, she woke Lu Zhanbei up.

"Why are you back so early?"

"Lu Zhanbei, youre running a fever!"

Lu Zhanbei laughed lightly. "It looks like I caught a cold yesterday night. Theres a medicine box downstairs. Ill be fine after taking some medicine."

"No, Ill get Doctor Gao to come over immediately."

Lu Zhanbei initially wanted to reject her but saw that Lin Wanwan kept changing her facial expressions. It was obvious she was letting her mind wander again. Thus, he could only nod.

Within 15 minutes, Gao Yang rushed over. He pushed open the door and saw that Lu Zhanbei was staring at himself.

Without any words, the aura he displayed was enough to cause people to surrender involuntarily.

Gao Yangs heart skipped a beat. Under Lin Wanwans anxious urging, he quickly did a check and put Lu Zhanbei on a drip.

"No need to worry. Sirs running a high fever. He just needs to be on the drip for a few days."

Lin Wanwan felt uneasy in her heart. "Are you sure?"

Lu Zhanbeis physique had always been good. How could he have suddenly fallen ill?

"Im a doctor, and I wouldnt crack jokes over Sirs health."

Lin Wanwan sent Gao Yang away and went to the kitchen to cook a bowl of porridge.

Lu Zhanbei was about to reach out to receive it when Lin Wanwan avoided him.

"Ill feed you."

"Can you stop treating me as a dying patient?"

Lin Wanwan glared at him. "Cut the nonsense. Open your mouth."

Lu Zhanbei opened his mouth and obediently accepted her feeding him. The bowl of porridge soon bottomed out.

Lin Wanwan placed the ice bag on Lu Zhanbeis forehead to cool his temperature down. Seeing that he looked a little cold, she snuggled into his arms. She wrapped her arm around his slender waist. When she heard his rapid heartbeats, the ominous feeling in her heart became stronger.

"Lu Zhanbei."


Lin Wanwan paused, then decided to ask him, "Are you hiding something from me?"

Lu Zhanbei frowned. Then, his eyebrows relaxed. "Yes."

" What is it?" Her heart beat fast.


Lin Wanwan paid attention to his words.

"I can do it more than seven times a night."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

She couldnt describe how she felt. She was relieved. At the same time, she found the situation even stranger.

She was about to say something when Lu Zhanbei flipped over and pressed her under his body. He started to kiss her.

Lin Wanwan was shocked and hurriedly pushed him away. "Lu Zhanbei, youre still sick. Dont fool around!"

"Are you still taking what happened previously to heart?"

As he said this, he removed her nightdress.

Lin Wanwan slapped his hand away in bad temper. "But I dont want to give myself to you right now."

Lu Zhanbei gave a tsk. "Youre so hard to please."

Lin Wanwan saw that his skin color was so pale it was almost transparent and didnt dare to bicker with him. She kissed his slightly cool lips.

"I wont disturb you any longer. Sleep soon. When youve recovered, Ill do it with you until your kidney becomes deficient."

"Its a deal."