Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 831

Chapter 831 Lu Zhanbeis Strange Look 4

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Lu Zhanbei closed his eyes. Not too long later, sounds of even breathing could be heard.

He slept until the next day.

However, five days had passed and he was still running a fever.

She asked Gao Yang but he said a lot of words that could fool people. For instance, an illness typically comes as fast as a mountain falling or that it was normal for a person who didnt fall sick easily to be sick very seriously once he or she fell sick.

Normal, his a*ss!

Lin Wanwan looked calm but she was feeling more anxious by the moment.

Lu Zhanbei saw all of these things.

He called Gao Yang over. "Is there any medicine that can make my fever subside immediately?"

"Yes, but"

"Inject it immediately for me."


Lu Zhanbei swept his sharp gaze over. "I dont want to repeat myself."


In the evening, when Lin Wanwan finished preparing dinner and brought it up, she saw Lu Zhanbei standing in front of the window curtains. She was so frightened that she put the tray down.

She leaned over and saw him smile lazily. "Dont be anxious. My fever has subsided."

Lin Wanwan touched his forehead and smiled. "It has really subsided!"

It looked like she had really been overthinking for the past few days.

Lu Zhanbei grabbed her waist and exhaled softly in her ear. "Shall we have a good one tonight?"

Lin Wanwan stared at his pale face and said, "You dare to have a good one with me when you have just recovered? Youre really not afraid, eh?"

"Just for you, I can be flirtatious even if I become a ghost."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes and routinely started to feed her Mr. Lu.

Lu Zhanbei started eating. Then, he suddenly smiled. It was different from his elegant restraint of the past. His thin lips wasnt curving and he looked playful. A trace of evilness emanated from him.

"If I really die on your bed one day, what will you do?"

Damn. Did he think she was ZhaoHede1?

Lin Wanwan deliberately rebutted him. "Of course, I would find someone else again. Im young, after all. I shouldnt hang myself just for you, right?"

Lu Zhanbei leaned lazily against the head of the bed. The afterglow of the setting sun shone in. It hit his pale face and illuminated his dark phoenixes.

"Thats good too. After you remarry, I can find my second love in heaven. However, before I die, I have to do you enough first."

As he said this, he lifted Lin Wanwan by the waist and threw her on the bed.

Lin Wanwan immediately lifted her legs and her snow-white feet touched his chest. "Not today."

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"Ive calculated that its inappropriate for us to have sex tonight." She returned Lu Zhanbeis words of refusal that day to him.

Lu Zhanbei lay on the bed. "In that case, theres nothing for us to talk about. Goodbye."

"We wont see each other again!" Lin Wanwan walked away angrily with the bowl in her hands.

When he heard the sound of the door closing, Lu Zhanbei silently rubbed the corner of his lips with his finger. There was a drop of fresh blood on his fingertip, and he turned around to gargle his mouth.

In front of the mirror, he flipped his fringe back and looked at his pale face.

He had to get Gao Yang to prescribe some medicine that could make him look fresher.

Lu Zhanbei had recovered. Lin Wanwan finally felt at ease as well.

On this day, due to an issue with the filming location, she got off work early.

Lin Wanwan was preparing to head back to Yun Mansion when she suddenly received Tang Chens Weixin message.

"Come out and have a meal with me."


"Have you forgotten that there are two owe a favor cards? After one was used, theres still one left."

"Good for you! Location?"

"Dont you like desserts? Lets go to Jin Tong Que."

"Wait for me for half an hour."

Lin Wanwan turned the steering wheel and headed toward Jin Tong Que.

As she pushed open the door, she saw Tang Chen had already arrived and was ordering dishes.