Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 832

Chapter 832 The Truth Is Cruel

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Lin Wanwan pulled out the chair opposite him and sat down. "Youre treating?"

"Duh. Order whatever you want."

Lin Wanwan picked up the menu and ordered ten of the most expensive dishes at once. She waved her hands lavishly and said, "Ill take away ten similar portions. Ill give them away."

Tang Chen half-laughed. "You really arent polite with me."

This meal would cost him a few million dollars.

Lin Wanwan gave a reserved smile. "I have an expensive appearance fee now. Furthermore, you used unfair means to force me here. Is there any problem with me wanting some compensation?"

"No problem. If you feel that its not enough, you can order again."

"Oh, then Ill take away another ten portions."

"" Tang Chen felt that his brain must have been squeezed by the door for him to like a woman like her who would reach out for a yard after taking an inch.

Desserts were served. Tang Chen didnt like eating this kind of sweet stuff. He held his chin with a hand and watched her eat with relish.

"Lin Wanwan, you seem to be skinnier."

"Yes, Lu Zhanbei fell sick a few days ago. I was mentally tired."

Fell sick

A trace of dark light flashed past Tang Chens eyes. He asked quietly, "What kind of terminal illness did he contract?"

Lin Wanwan glared at him. "Its just a fever. Dont curse him!"

"Youre quite protective of him."

"Hes my man. I naturally have to protect him."

Cake after cake was stuffed into her mouth. When Lin Wanwan felt slightly full, she took the time to look up and disregarded Tang Chens burning gaze.

"Young Tang, you have used the owe a favor card to force me out here. It couldnt be that you just wanted to treat me to a meal, right?"

"I wanted to ask you if Lu Zhanbei has developed bipolar disorder recently."

"What do you mean?"

Tang Chens eyes shone. "Ever since you were discharged from the hospital, he has been searching for Qi Junzes traces all over the world, causing me not to have any peace. People like us are like cunning rabbits with three burrows. How could it be easy to find his secret hideout? I dont know why Lu Zhanbei turned mad all of a sudden and wanted to kill him as soon as possible."

This didnt conform to Lu Zhanbeis style.

He was used to setting up plots in secret and letting his enemies fall into traps unsuspectingly. He didnt use to use such a high-profile and urgent method.

When Lin Wanwan heard this, the feeling of uneasiness that disappeared two days ago returned to her.

Thinking of Shen Zhyis words, she immediately asked, "Tang Chen, do you know if Qi Junze did anything to Lu Zhanbei?"

"When they met, I wasnt around."

"Is that so" Lin Wanwans shoulders collapsed.

Tang Chen looked at her face as it immediately drained of color and felt a little depressed.

"Tang Chen, Ill get going first."

"Wait." Tang Chen called her and his gaze was deep. "Do you feel that Lu Zhanbei has been behaving abnormally recently?"

Lin Wanwan turned her head rapidly and stared at him. "Do you know any insider information?"

Tang Chen used a fork and a knife to cut a small piece of the cake slowly. Then, he looked at her, who had an anxious look on her face.

"Ignorance is bliss. Not every truth has its value."

Indeed, he knew the inside story!

"Tell me. I want to know!"

Tang Chen continued to eat the cake in silence. The sweetness diluted the bitterness in his mouth.

Lin Wanwan couldnt help but shake his arm. Her eyes were earnest. "Treat it that Im begging you. Tell me, ok?"

Tang Chen put down the fork and knife. His look was a little complicated. "Ill tell you in advance that the truth is cruel. Are you sure you want to know?"

When he asked her, he obviously wanted to tell her the truth.

However, when he thought of her reaction after hearing the truth, he hesitated again.

Lin Wanwan suppressed the panic in her heart and nodded. "Im sure. No matter how cruel, I will have to face it eventually. Escaping isnt a solution to the problem!"