Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 833

Chapter 833 Making Arrangements For After His Passing

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Tang Chen paused for a moment. He looked up and into her eyes, which were pretending to be calm. "Lu Zhanbei has only two months left to live."

"" It suddenly became pitch black in front of Lin Wanwans eyes. That tight string suddenly broke and her body fell softly to the ground.

Tang Chen subconsciously wanted to catch her. However, before he could do so, Lin Wanwan placed one hand on the table and steadied herself.

Her expression was scarily calm. "Whats your basis for saying this?"

Seeing that she could still maintain her rationale now, Tang Chen secretly complimented her.

"Qi Junze took a newly developed drug from my laboratory before. Once consumed, it will gradually deplete a humans organs. Theres no treatment for this. The initial symptoms after taking the medicine include vomiting blood and fever. Also, the person cant be agitated as this would speed up the rate of depletion.

"After something happened to you, although I left the Imperial Capital earlier than Lu Zhanbei, I have been sending people to secretly track Qi Junzes men who stayed behind in Xia country. That person delivered the package with the medicine to Lu Zhanbei. Of course, I didnt see him taking it with my own eyes, but"

Tang Chen stared fixedly at her. "Lin Wanwan, did you want to say that Lu Zhanbei isnt that stupid and that since Qi Junze couldnt see him, he could have completely not drunk the medicine?"

Lin Wanwan opened her mouth. Indeed, she thought of that.

"However, when your life and death was in the hands of Qi Junze, he couldnt leave it to luck."

He felt the same too.

He couldnt afford to take the gamble.

Tang Chens words were like the last straw that crushed the camel. Lin Wanwan fell limp onto the chair.

No wonder

All her conjectures were strung into a clear line. At the same time that she felt happy, she also felt heartbreaking pain.

Tang Chen turned his head away.

Lin Wanwan sat quietly for such a long time that Tang Chen started to worry.

"Ill get going first."

She stood up and wanted to leave. However, Tang Chen grabbed her wrist.

"Lin Wanwan, I know it feels like Im seizing the opportunity by saying this, but I still want to tell you that if Lu Zhanbeis really no longer around one day, I want you to please give me a chance to protect you."

Even Tang Chen himself knew how despicable he sounded when saying those words. What made him sad was that he was willing to degrade himself into the dust.

After a long while, Lin Wanwan said, "Tang Chen, I dont need you to protect me. Im only together with Lu Zhanbei because I love him."

Yes, she finally realized this.

It wasnt like. It was love.

Tang Chen released her hand and smiled. "No problem. Ill wait."

"Dont tell Lu Zhanbei that I already know the truth."

After saying this, Lin Wanwan left.

Tang Chen looked at her back view, which traveled farther and farther away. This was his last chance.

Once Lin Wanwan got into the car, her tears started to fall silently.

"I cant cry" She randomly took out a few paper towels and started to wipe away her tears.

However, the more she wiped, the more tears there were.

Lin Wanwan no longer cared. She leaned her body back and let the tears fall.

Not knowing how long later, she adjusted her emotions and used makeup to cover the traces of her crying. She drove back to Yun Mansion.

She stopped in front of the study room and took a deep breath. She was about to squeeze out a smile when she heard Lu Zhanbeis voice from the gaps between the door.

"Jiushang, Qi Junze is hiding well. I believe we wont be able to find his traces in a short period of time. So, I want you to destroy him completely on my behalf."

Lin Wanwans heart ached.

He was making arrangements for after his passing

"" Mo Jiushang nestled himself on the sofa and didnt say anything. Perhaps he had fallen asleep.