Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 835

Chapter 835 Tell Me How Long Does He Have To Live?

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Lin Wanwans eyes turned sour.

He was obviously the one in the most pain. However, he kept thinking of ways to cheer her up.

"Lu Zhanbei, I"

"What about you?"

Lin Wanwan initially wanted to say that she was prepared to take a break to accompany him. However, this would definitely cause suspicion.

She snuggled in Lu Zhanbeis arms. "I feel that you havent fully recovered yet. Why dont you let Doctor Gao do a check for you again tomorrow? If not, I wont feel assured."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her black hair and nodded. "Ok."

"How obedient. Ill reward you with a kiss."

Lu Zhanbei pressed her forehead with one finger. He asked in a serious tone, "Have you brushed your teeth?"

Lin Wanwan nearly couldnt hold back her tears when she heard these familiar words.

"I did."

"I wont let you kiss me either."


"A kiss would lead to touching, a touch would lead to f*cking."

Lin Wanwan looked at him pretending that everything was alright, and her heart hurt so much she nearly couldnt breathe. "Then forget it."

She hurriedly looked down and nestled herself in his arms.

"Im sleepy. Ill sleep first."

She closed her eyes but couldnt sleep at all. When she heard Lu Zhanbeis even breathing, she got out of bed lightly and went to the little study room especially prepared for her. She opened her laptop and started to search for information on something similar to Lu Zhanbeis situation.

The more she checked, the more her heart turned cold.

There was no cure. One could only wait for death.

That shocking line of words pierced her eyes.

Was there really no other way?

She didnt believe it! Medical technology was so developed now. One could definitely find hope!

Lin Wanwan was researching in the room the entire night. She only climbed into bed when it was dawn and napped for two hours.

When she got out of bed, she woke Lu Zhanbei up. As she got dressed, she explained, "Im going to the production studio. Remember to let Doctor Gao do a check for you."

"You have already said this yesterday." Lu Zhanbei stretched his back and got out of bed as well.

Lin Wanwan felt that if she hadnt learned the truth from Tang Chen, he could definitely still have deceived her for a while with such perfect acting skills.

Lin Wanwan casually ate some breakfast and rushed to the production studio.

When she was filming, she tried her best to bring herself into a state of working. During the afternoon break, she quietly went back to Yun Mansion.

She didnt enter but quietly positioned herself near the guard post of Yun Mansion.

Not too long later, a car drove out. It was Gao Yang.

Lin Wanwan started the car and followed him.

Gao Yang probably noticed that she was following him. He stepped on the gas pedal and wanted to throw her off.

Using her superb racing skills, Lin Wanwan did a difficult drift while passing by a roundabout to stop his car.

Gao Yang was a little shocked. "Ms. Lin?"

With a look, Lin Wanwan signaled for him to follow her. Gao Yang hesitated for a while before following her.

This road was more secluded. They found a bar only after a while.

In the far corner of the bar, Lin Wanwan looked at Gao Yang, who was sitting opposite her with a suppressed expression. She didnt have the patience to beat around the bush and went straight to the point.

"I already know about Lu Zhanbeis condition. You dont have to be in a difficult position, thinking of excuses to brush me off."

Gao Yang was shocked and blurted out, "How did you know?"

Lin Wanwan tugged at her sleeves and buried all the emotions in her heart. "Tell me. How long does he have to live?"

Gao Yang lowered his head. "One and a half months."

Lin Wanwans face turned pale. "Isnt it two months?!"

"Indeed, it was supposed to be two months. However, in order for his fever to subside, Sir asked me to add a few drugs that could worsen his condition in the drip."