Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 836

Chapter 836 He Was So Cold

Chapter 836: He Was So Cold
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Lin Wanwan trembled fiercely.

In order to dispel her suspicions, Lu Zhanbei really did everything he could.

Lin Wanwan looked calm, but her hands below the table were shaking. "Doctor Gao, is there really no other way?"

Gao Yang could feel her despair and turned his head away. "You might not understand this type of illness. I can give you an example. A few years ago, Xia country banned a type of pesticide. Once this pesticide was consumed, even if he or she was sent to the hospital immediately to undergo kidney dialysis, he or she would still die from organ failure.

"The poison Sir drank had the same effect as the pesticide. The only difference is that the effect of the poison was stronger. It wont be fatal immediately, but it will cause someone to suffer for several months and eventually die."

The last trace of light in Lin Wanwans eyes went out. "One and a half months"

Even her lips were trembling. "That is to say, I have less than fifty days to be with him"

Gao Yang remained speechless.

Silence meant consent.

Lin Wanwan held her forehead with her hand. She didnt want anyone else besides Lu Zhanbei to see her weakness.

"Is there a way to extend his life?"


This answer brought about helplessness, suppression, desperation!

"Doctor Gao, dont tell Lu Zhanbei about our conversation today."

Lu Zhanbei wanted her to live happier. She couldnt reject his kind intentions.


Lin Wanwan sorted out her emotions and returned to Yun Mansion. She pushed open the study room door and saw him processing a thick stack of documents.

The golden sunlight spilled in through the window curtains, making his face look cold and lazy.

Hearing the footsteps, Lu Zhanbei turned his head. "So early?"

He didnt have a layer of haze on his face, but his elegant light smile couldnt dissipate the pale complexion brought about by the sickness.

"Im a little tired, so I came back for an afternoon nap."

Lin Wanwan tried her best to answer naturally. She walked over and shook his arm, acting like a spoiled child.

"Sleep along with me."

"Im not sleepy."

"I dont care. Without you as a human pillow, I cant sleep."

Lu Zhanbei looked at the thick pile of documents on the table.

He didnt have much time left. He had to settle everything as soon as possible.

"Can you not be so troublesome? Go and sleep alone. Dont disturb me."

He looked irritated. Lin Wanwan, who guessed his thoughts, nearly broke down.

"So be it. Why do you have to be so fierce?!"

After saying this, she hurriedly headed outside, afraid that she would lose control.

Just when she was about to step out of the door, her wrist was grabbed.

"Forget it, lets sleep together." In front of her, Lu Zhanbei could only compromise.

"Didnt you say you werent sleepy just now?"

"When I want to be sleepy, Ill be sleepy. When I dont want to be sleepy, Ill not be sleepy."


Both of them lay on the bed. Lin Wanwan was about to lean closer to him when Lu Zhanbei pushed her away in disdain. "Stay farther away from me. Its too hot."

Lin Wanwan bit her lip and planned to roll down the bed.

Just when she was about to fall head-first, Lu Zhanbei reached out and grabbed her waist.

Lin Wanwan seized the opportunity to nestle herself in his arms. The next second, her body felt cold to the touch.

He was so cold. With such a temperature, how could he be hot?

Lu Zhanbei rubbed his lips thinly and pushed her away. He said the same sentence, "Stay farther away from me."

Lin Wanwan was not willing to give up and stuck herself to him. She used a smile to hide the terrible feeling in her heart.

"According to how TV dramas and movies are scripted, the arrogant people would gradually become loyal dogs. You will be one soon too."

Lu Zhanbei snorted. "Indeed, you have filmed your mind silly."

"I dont want to bicker with you. Im going to sleep."