Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 838

Chapter 838 Change Clothes For Your Master

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Tears rolled down and soaked a large piece of clothing on Lu Zhanbeis chest.

When she finally stopped crying, Lu Zhanbei lowered his head and wiped away the tears on her face. "Crying over such a small matter. Are you trying to drown me? Look, you cried until my nipples are showing."

The white shirt was wet with tears, and traces of her crying were visible.

Lin Wanwan bit her lip and couldnt smile.

Lu Zhanbei felt helpless. "Why are you standing there like a stone? Help me get a clean shirt."

Lin Wanwan lowered her head and slowly walked out.

When she returned, Lu Zhanbei took off the shirt and exposed his naked upper body. The muscled lines were clear but not exaggerated.

That deep Apollos belt exuded sexy charm. He said in a tone as if ordering a maid around:

"Here, change your masters clothes."

It was rare for Lin Wanwan to be obedient and help him wear his clothes.

After coming out of the bathroom, Lu Zhanbei sat by the bed and smiled lightly. "Didnt you say you want to go out for a walk? Why dont we go to the countryside?"

"Dear, its already Autumn."

"You just have to pull the rug from under my feet. Who says that we cant go to the countryside during Autumn?"

Lin Wanwans heart turned sour. She didnt know how many more times they could bicker like this.

"Ok." She knew that Lu Zhanbei wanted to accompany her more while he was still alive.

Both of them decided on an impromptu trip. They packed some simple luggage and prepared to head out.

Unexpectedly, Uncle Ying suddenly announced that there were visitors. When they went out to take a look, they saw a group of especially-privileged people from the Imperial Capital walking over with great strength and vigor. The battle formation did look a little too strong.

Shen Zhiyi, who was walking in front, saw Lin Wanwan in casual wear and carrying luggage on her hands. She couldnt help but raise her eyebrows. "The two of you are planning to go on an Autumn holiday?"

"More or less."

Ruan Baoer immediately jumped out. "Lets go together. Coincidentally, Im so bored."

Mo Chen raised his hand. "Ive been on leave recently. Bring me along too~"

Shen Zhiyi said, "Then lets go together as a group. I heard that the farmhouse is pretty fun. We can go to the countryside and experience nature."

"I dont want to experience nature." Tang Chen, who was thick-skinned and followed along, expressed his opinion to indicate his presence.

"Heh heh, its up to you to join. Anyway, we werent prepared to bring you along."Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

The group chatted noisily, as if they were a bunch of primary school students going on an outing. They were in heated discussions.

Lin Wanwan felt tired in her heart. She only wanted to go for a two-person holiday quietly with Lu Zhanbei. Where did these guys come from?


She interrupted everyone and rubbed her temples. She looked at Si Han, who didnt express any opinion throughout.

"Si Dada, what situation is this? Why are all of you together?"

Si Han said, "We bumped into each other at Jin Tong Que Ground Palace. They heard that you were having a break recently and were wondering what happened. Thus, they insisted on coming over to take a look."

Lin Wanwan swept her gaze over the eager-looking faces. Out of helplessness, she changed the two-person holiday into a group holiday.

Lu Zhanbei swept his eyes over her depressed look. "As long as you say the word, I can throw them all out."

"Forget it. I dont want to drown in their saliva"

The party set off in Mo Chens huge High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle.

As everyone chatted happily, the car drove to the foot of an unknown mountain.

"Folks, unfortunately, I have to tell you a piece of bad news."


"Im lost."


Mo Chen had a look of innocence on his face. "I didnt know the navigator will malfunction. Since we are out to experience nature, this place is not so bad. The mountains and rivers are beautiful. If were in luck, I might even be able to hunt a wild boar down and add that to our meals."