Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 839

Chapter 839 This Is Called Fun

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Lin Wanwan stuck her head out and checked out the surroundings. Indeed, it was beautiful.

"Lets do here, then."

The party got off the car. Ruan Baoer rubbed her stomach. "Im hungry!"

Lin Wanwan originally wanted to have an outdoor BBQ with Lu Zhanbei and only prepared ingredients for the two of them.

Now, there were seven people here. Obviously, there wasnt enough food for everyone.

"The three of us girls can go and see if there are any villages nearby where we could buy some ingredients. As for you guys, heh. See that river over there? It shouldnt be too difficult for you to catch some fish, right?"

As part of the special forces who often lived in the wild, Mo Chen immediately said, "Leave it to me!"

They split ways, and the three women walked along the river with relaxed footsteps.

Ruan Baoer had never come to such a place before. She looked around excitedly.

Seeing that she wasnt paying attention, Shen Zhiyi quietly pulled Lin Wanwan to the side and asked, "Have you found the reason for Zhanbeis abnormality?"


Lin Wanwan looked up at the sky. She pretended that her eyes were pierced by the sunlight and rubbed her eyes.

"I had rejected him too many times in the past, so he didnt want me to get it easily as well."

Shen Zhiyis lips twitched. "Do the two of you have to be so troublesome?"

"This is called fun."

As they talked and laughed, the three of them arrived at a secluded mountain village.

The village was small. There were only approximately a dozen homes. It was noon, and thick smoke was emerging from the chimney.

Not too far away, two villagers walked over, carrying hoes. They looked like villagers who had just finished farming.

The three of them went up immediately.

"Hello," Shen Zhiyi greeted politely with a slight smile. "We accidentally lost our way and plan to camp somewhere around here for the evening. Can you sell us some food?"

The villagers wearing straw hats had dark facial features and were dressed simply. Seeing three beautiful women from the city, they looked at one another and appeared awed.

"Sure. Come with us," one of them said enthusiastically.

They walked along a muddy road. The two villagers brought Lin Wanwan and the rest to a small farmhouse.

One of them put down his hoe to tidy up the pigpen. The other scratched his head in embarrassment and pointed to the brick building.

"My wifes inside. Tell her whatever you want to buy."

As if to avoid suspicion, he also went to help tidy up the pigpen.

The three of them crossed the door rail and walked in. They saw only a woman with a floral headband wrapped around her head being busy at the stove.

Hearing footsteps, she suddenly turned her head. Although her face was yellowish and she was thin, she was unexpectedly pretty. However, she seemed fearful, as if she had thought of something horrible.

"Hello, we want to"

They had not yet finished saying their intentions when the wooden door behind the three of them suddenly closed.

Shen Zhyiis face changed. She rushed to the door and gave a powerful flying kick!


The thick wooden door swayed, but it wasnt kicked open.

Ruan Baoer recovered herself as well. "Why did they lock us up? Do they want money or lust?"

Lin Wanwan walked to that woman and said, "Tell us!"

The woman was like a lifeless puppet. After Lin Wanwan asked several times, she finally opened her mouth slowly.

"You came here after losing your way around?"

Her tone was different from the villagers accent. She spoke in quite standard Mandarin.

Lin Wanwan frowned. "Yes."

She didnt know why the woman asked this. However, what she said the next second made her tremble.

"Im a painter. I came here to sketch three years ago and accidentally lost my way too. I found this village and wanted to stay for the night, but someone knocked me out. When I woke up, my virginitys gone and my freedoms gone. I became the wife of those two villagers. It wasnt only me. All the women here experienced the same thing too."