Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 84

Chapter 84 Lin Wanwan Get Out Of The Entertainment Circle

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“Teacher, I’m still not clear about the ins and outs of the matter. Can you give me some time to understand the situation?”


Lin Wanwan took out her mobile and browsed the Internet.

Since so many people had known that she “took drugs,” the news was most probably already available on the Internet.

Sure enough, an article was published by a slightly famous public handle on Weibo this morning.

New actress addicted to drugs, a rotten soul lies underneath a pure appearance.”

There were a few photos underneath the caption.

The first was of her in a coma. She was disheveled, and a tiny pinhole could be seen on her exposed arm. An empty syringe had been thrown to one side.

There was another of her after the drugs had been injected into her. Her body had obviously shown signs of rejection, and she was curled up on the floor in pain.

The last was of her after the drug had taken effect, looking psychedelic.

Seeing was believing. Once this news was disseminated, various channels immediately started to spread it around.

Within an hour, Lin Wanwan was already labeled as a drug addict, and many netizens were criticizing her.

As she did not have any representational work, her fan base was not strong and not even a single person believed her now.

I couldn’t tell that Lin Wanwan is actually such a person! I can’t stand drug addicts the most. They are simply wasting their lives and ruining the painstaking efforts of every sacrificial policeman! Lin Wanwan, get out of the entertainment circle! An immoral person is not fit to be a public figure!

The topic #Lin Wanwan, get out of the entertainment circle# very quickly placed third.

Lin Wanwan scrolled through the comments that were full of criticism and experienced no change in mood.

She stowed away her mobile and looked at Teacher Yu. “I have no evidence right now so there’s not much point in explaining. I hope Teacher will give me one more day. I will definitely clear my name. Is that ok?”

Teacher Yu frowned as things were made difficult for her. Eventually, she succumbed to Lin Wanwan’s powerful “background.”

“Ok, just one day.”

“Thank you. Teacher, I’ll take my leave first.”

It was only now that Teacher Yu realized that what Lin Wanwan had just said was not something someone with an IQ of a six-year-old would say.

Lin Wanwan did not return to the classroom and headed to the hostel.

As she pushed open the door, she received An Qiao’s call.

“Girl, I know you’re being framed. Do you want me to help you hold a press conference to explain yourself?”

He did not demand the truth of this matter but chose to believe her directly. This warmed Lin Wanwan’s heart, and the frost on her eyebrows faded a little.

“Uncle An, why didn’t you ask if I was really taking drugs?”

“Do you still need to ask? You’re a silly girl who probably don’t even know what drugs are. How would you take them? It’s either you were framed or you were induced to take them. After all, you’re quite brainless!”


This reason was simple and rude, and she was speechless.

“Hold whatever arrangement you have in mind for now. I need to find something first.”

“As long as there’s anything that needs my help, feel free to say so! I brought you into the entertainment circle, and I will protect you as long as you’re really innocent.”

Lin Wanwan smiled lightly. “Thank you, Uncle.”

After ending the call with An Qiao, she received Lin Qinghao’s call.

Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips lightly and threw the mobile to one side, letting it vibrate.

Lin Qinghao must have called to condemn her. She could not be bothered to talk nonsense to him.

The mobile returned to silence after a long while. Lin Wanwan pulled open the door of the hostel.


It was impossible to prevent the face that came into view from entering her line of sight. Lin Wanwan was startled, and her conditioned reflexes led her to take a few steps back.