Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 840

Chapter 840 I Will No Longer Care About Your Life And Death

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Lin Wanwan understood it now.

This wasnt a simple village. It was a dirty place that abducted women.

Ruan Baoer couldnt help but ask, "Then why didnt you escape and call the police?"

The woman laughed coldly, her eyes sad.

Lin Wanwan sighed.

Anyone who followed news of this kind knew that once they were caught in the wolfs den, the womens chances of escaping on their own were almost zero.

Coupled with the complicated terrain here and the men being all burly, the consequences of escaping would only be a round of abuse.

"All of you are so pretty. They wouldnt let you off. You will end up being as pitiful as I am, staying here forever. They will ruin you and get you pregnant. If you give birth to a daughter, they will strangle her to death. You cant escape. Nobody can escape"

The woman rambled on nervously, and her expression gradually turned crazed.

Ruan Baoer looked at her in pity and asked, "What should we do now?"

Shen Zhiyi picked a slightly cleaner chair and sat down. "What are you afraid of? They will open the door sooner or later. When that happens, I can bring them down all alone!"

She looked calm but was actually furious inside.

In Ms. Shens heart, every woman should be tenderly cared for, unless they had committed unpardonable evil.

Lin Wanwan started to inspect the interior of the house to see if she could find a spot to break through.

However, aside from a small chimney, it was completely airtight. They could only wait.

The three of them sat down and started chatting.

Approximately half an hour later, a commotion could be heard outside the door.

Ruan Baoer grabbed a spatula and put up a fighting posture.

With a squeak, the door opened. What came into view was a bunch of men of all ages in soiled clothes, smiling sinisterly.

When they saw that each of the three women had their own beauties, light shone in their eyes and they kept rubbing their hands in excitement.

"These three dolls are too good-looking. Theyre even prettier than the model we caught previously. Coincidentally, I dont have a wife. Give one to me."

"I dont have any either. I want one as well!"

"At the very most, we can sleep together. Why do we have to take into account so many things?!"

The two villagers who brought them here were among them as well. They no longer had the simple and honest look as before. They revealed their ugly true colors and pounced over Lin Wanwan and the rest like hungry wolves rushing toward a flock of sheep.

Lin Wanwan and Shen Zhiyi looked at each other and were about to make a move.

At this moment, a figure flashed past quickly. Mo Chen swept his legs out powerfully, and the few people at the front fell immediately.

Immediately after, Tang Chen appeared from behind with a wooden stick in his hands. He hit the back of their heads like he was knocking walnuts, and they screamed and moaned in pain.

Within a minute, everyone was down.

Shen Zhiyi leaned against the door and swept her gaze over the scums. She glanced at Tang Chen. "What a busybody."

Tang Chen snorted coldly. "Im not here to save you. Reading too much into it."

Ruan Baoer threw away the spatula. Seeing that Si Hans back was facing her, she jumped onto his back and pretended to cry. "Im so scared~"

"Youre really scared?"

"Yes, yes, yes!"

Si Han curved his lips and grabbed her hand, then threw her over his shoulder.

"Oh, my waist!" Ruan Baoer fell.

"I heard that pain can dispel fear. No need to thank me."

Lu Zhanbei dug out his mobile and contacted Gu Mo to come over and clean up this mess.

Lin Wanwan tugged at his sleeve and pointed to that frightened woman.

"There are a lot of abducted women in the village. Let Gu Mo send them back."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her, and his eyes became cold and sharp gradually.

"How stupid are you? You have no sense of vigilance even when youre at a foreign place. You have met danger time and time again. Youre not worried, but I think youre troublesome. If theres a next time, I will no longer care about your life or death. Do you hear me?"