Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 842

Chapter 842 Next Time Ill Accompany You To Watch The Sunrise Again

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Everyone ate and drank to their fill. They chatted for a while before preparing to rest late in the night.

Lu Zhanbei entered the tent. Lin Wanwan stood outside the tent and watched him make his bed.

"Hey, are you really ignoring me?"



Lin Wanwan spread her hands and headed outside. "Ill sleep together with Sister Zhiyi."

"Come back."

Lin Wanwan also pretended not to hear him.

After taking a few steps, she felt her body being lifted up. A mans sinister voice sounded above her head, saying, "Are you craving for a beating?"

"Yes. Help me scratch the itch."

Lu Zhanbei threw her roughly onto the newly made bed and lay to the side. "Sleep."

Lin Wanwan rolled into his arms and hugged his body with both arms and legs like a koala. "Lu Zhanbei, lets see the sunrise together tomorrow."

After a long while, he responded with an "Ok."

Lin Wanwan rubbed her face against his chest. "Ill accompany you. Youll accompany me too. We will be together forever."


He couldnt do it anymore.


"Lets sleep. My bodys warm. Hang on to me tighter."

Lu Zhanbei hugged her tightly. Both of them snuggled up to each other to warm each other up.

Under the shell of happiness was the piercing cruelty.

Lin Wanwan continued to sleep with nightmares.

"The air in the mountains great."

Outside the tent, Shen Zhiyis pleasant sigh relieved Lin Wanwan from her nightmare. She patted her chest, glanced at her watch, and turned her head to look at Lu Zhanbei, who was still sleeping.

"Wake up. Its going to be sunrise soon."

Lu Zhanbei didnt react.

As she had experienced similar situations, Lin Wanwans heart beat faster. She added a little more strength.

After several pushes, Lu Zhanbei finally woke up. His good-looking phoenixes couldnt hide his tiredness.

"Its dawn so soon?"

Lin Wanwan stared at him in a daze and tears fell subconsciously.

Lu Zhanbei frowned. "Lin Wanwan, I hate women crying"

As he said this, a warm touch traveled to his lips. He raised his hand subconsciously.

It was a hand full of blood.

He rubbed his lips and clenched his right hand tightly.

With tears in her eyes, Lin Wanwan smiled. "Its normal to experience nosebleed due to heat. Ill get paper towels to wipe it away for you."

She turned around and opened the box.

"I remember I brought along some paper towels. Why cant I find them now? Lu Zhanbei, dont be anxious. Ill find them soon"

She was searching through the mess with trembling hands. She kept chattering, and tears kept falling like beads on loose thread.

Lu Zhanbei saw that Lin Wanwans shoulders kept shaking and sat up with difficulty. He resisted the strong dizziness in his mind and firmly placed her head over.Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

"Why are you crying again? Arent you a fool? Its just a little blood," he said with disdain, but he still very gently wiped away the tears on her face.

Lin Wanwan shook her head fiercely and couldnt say anything.

She didnt want to

She didnt want permanent separation after a short period of being together.

Compared to the pain on her face, Lu Zhanbei just calmly used the handkerchief to block his bleeding nose.

"Stop shaking your head. Youre stupid, to begin with. The more you shake, the more stupid youll be. Lets go. Ill accompany you to watch the sunrise."


Lin Wanwan bucked up. She was about to help Lu Zhanbei up when he stumbled and fell back onto the bed. A trace of fresh blood was pouring out from his mouth.

"Lu Zhanbei!" Lin Wanwan pounced over in panic.

Lu Zhanbei touched her head. The smile on his pale face was still as elegant as before. However, when he opened his mouth, blood poured out even faster.

"Lin Wanwan, Im still a little sleepy. I might need to sleep a while more. Next time Ill accompany you to watch the sunrise again"