Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 843

Chapter 843 Besides Waiting For Death There Was No Other Option

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A short sentence seemed to have consumed all his energy.

Lu Zhanbei lay on her shoulder and closed his eyes.

Lin Wanwan immediately burst into tears. "Go to sleep. Ill accompany you and watch over you"

With a rip, the tents zipper was pulled open.

Shen Zhiyi had not yet arrived but her voice traveled in. "Wanwan, the suns about to come out. I heard that watching the sunrise from the top of the mountain"

The remaining words stopped abruptly, and there were a few seconds of dead silence.

"Zhanbei!" Shen Zhiyi ran in. "Whats going on? Is he injured? When did this happen?"

Shen Zhiyi had been asking for a few times before Lin Wanwan shushed her. "Dont be noisy. He says he wants to sleep for a while."

Seeing her empty eyes, Shen Zhiyi frowned even tighter. She rushed out of the tent immediately. "Mo Chen, Tang Chen, come over immediately!"

The other people rushed in and saw this scene. They were thrown off their feet.

Lu Zhanbei was pulled into the car, and the group quickly rushed to the military hospital.

When he was pushed into the emergency room, Lin Wanwan faced the questioning crowd alone. She didnt want to recall the painful truth and pointed to Tang Chen.

"Ask him."

Shen Zhiyi looked over immediately. "Peach-shaped eyes, what is going on?"

Tang Chen didnt conceal anything and spoke the truth. Everyone became silent.

After a long while, Shen Zhiyi asked with difficulty, "Theres really no cure?"

"Thats right."

Tang Chen nodded. He smelled the desperation in the air and looked calm.

"He should have collapsed half a month ago. Its already a miracle that he can survive until now. His body will become weaker and weaker. In the end, he wont even have the strength to stand, until his death."

Every word of his was like a knife, piercing everyones hearts.

Lin Wanwan covered her ears with trembling hands. "Stop speaking, stop speaking!"

Shen Zhiyi covered her face with both hands. "Why did this happen?"

In those moments, every word seemed pale and weak.

Mo Chen kicked the wall angrily, his eyes red. "Are we just going to watch Brother Zhanbei leave us? No, I dont believe it. Medical technology is so advanced now. There must be a way to cure him!"

He found it difficult to accept this. The Brother Zhanbei in his eyes was omnipotent and god-like.

Such a man was about to die?

Ruan Baoer looked at Lin Wanwan, her face full of tears. "Im going to find a doctor too!"

After saying that, she ran out.

"Its useless," Tang Chen said word by word. "Hes bound to die."

When Shen Zhiyi, who was already full of negative emotions, heard such sarcastic words, she flared up. She rushed over and grabbed Tang Chen by the collar.

"This is all your fault. If you hadnt developed this harmful drug, Zhanbei wouldnt have landed in such a state now!"

At this moment, Lin Wanwan said solemnly, "No, its my fault. If it wasnt to save me, Lu Zhanbei wouldnt have been subjected to Qi Junze."

Shen Zhiyis anger was like a deflated ball. She unclenched her hands weakly.

Now wasnt the time to hold anyone accountable.

After a long wait, the operating room door opened.

The doctor who personally examined and treated Lu Zhanbei was the director of the military hospital himself. In the face of a few pairs of hopeful faces, he smiled bitterly. "Im sorry. Theres nothing I can do. Mr. Lus internal organs are gradually becoming necrotic. Even his immunity has broken down."

In other words, besides waiting for death, there was no other option for Lu Zhanbei.