Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 844

Chapter 844 Lin Wanwan Look At Me

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Everyones face changed and they looked at Lin Wanwan in unison.

Lin Wanwan miraculously looked calm. She stared straight at the doctor. "Then, can he be discharged now?"

She wanted to accompany Lu Zhanbei well in his last phase of life.

"Its best not to. With how Mr. Lus digestive system is currently, any food might be a burden to him. He can only rely on a nutrient solution to sustain his life. Although we cant save him, at the very least, we can reduce his pain."

"Ok, thank you."

Lin Wanwan sent the doctor away and looked at everyone.

"You should head back too. Ill take good care of him."

Shen Zhiyi looked at her worriedly. "Wanwan"

"Im fine." Lin Wanwan couldnt say anything else and lowered her eyes. "Leave quickly. I want to be alone."

Before leaving, Tang Chen looked at Lin Wanwan deeply.

In the end, she was all alone in the quiet corridor.

Her body was stiff for a long time. She came to Lu Zhanbeis room with heavy footsteps.

Lu Zhanbei was lying on the bed and in deep sleep.

Lin Wanwan sat by the bed. She traced his eyebrows with trembling fingers, gliding over his manly facial features. In the end, she landed on his cold and thin lips and didnt move away for a very long time.

"Lu Zhanbei"

She choked on a sob. "I actually dont know if I should regret being together with you, or blame myself for getting you into this situation. If you hadnt met me, you would still have been that almighty and superior Mr. Lu and not be lying so lifelessly here on the bed, not being able to do anything."

"Who said I cant do anything?"

Lin Wanwan was shocked. She didnt have time to react before a hand clasped the back of her head and pressed it down heavily.


A passionate kiss was simple and violent, without the slightest gentleness.

Lin Wanwan was afraid he would suffocate and was worried that struggling too hard would hurt him. She could only let out sounds of protest.

Thankfully, Lu Zhanbei knew his limits and very quickly released her.

"Be careful of your words next time. If I hear you spouting nonsense again, see how Ill deal with you."

Lin Wanwan wasnt in the mood to bicker with him. Her eyes turned red.

Lu Zhanbei frowned. "If you cry again, I wont want you anymore."

Lin Wanwan lowered her head and held back her tears. "Sand entered my eyes, thats all."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her small face, which had become skinnier in just a few days. He held her shoulders. "Lin Wanwan, look at me."

Lin Wanwan rubbed her eyes and looked up.

Looking at her eyes full of tears, Lu Zhanbei said in a light but firm voice, "Believe me. Even if Im not around, I can still let you live the life you want. Stop crying."

This was the first time he directly spoke the truth that he might not be able to live for much longer.

Lin Wanwan pretended to be angry and poked his arm. "You said before that you would be responsible for me all the way. A life without you isnt the future I want!"

Lu Zhanbei felt that this woman was really silly.

However, when he looked into her implicitly begging eyes, he couldnt bear to tear that layer of paper window completely.

"Yes, Ill be responsible all the way.’"

What time was it already? He was still in the mood to crack dirty-minded jokes.

"You unscrupulous hooligan." As she scolded him, she started to sob again.

Lin Wanwan never knew she could cry so much. Facing Lu Zhanbei, all her defenses were destroyed. She pounced onto him and burst into tears, as if she was throwing away all scruples and forbearance.

"This is the last time. Really"