Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 845

Chapter 845 How Cruel

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Everyone couldnt accept the fact that Lu Zhanbei was about to die.

However, Lin Wanwan accepted it.

Ever since the day she cried while hugging Lu Zhanbei, she really didnt shed another tear again. As long as it was in front of him, she would always be laughing.

He wanted her to be happy. She would be happy.

Shen Zhiyi and the rest would come to the hospital every day. They would leave after taking a look at Lu Zhanbei, then find out more about his situation from the doctor.

Although nobody said anything, Lin Wanwan could tell from their increasingly heavy looks that they didnt manage to find a cure.

Time passed by day by day. Half a month later, Lu Zhanbei put on an oxygen mask.

After he fell asleep, Lin Wanwan walked to the window curtain to take a breather.

Ding dong. Her mobile suddenly sounded with a notification.

Lin Wanwan slid the screen and realized it was a private message.

Ball: "I havent seen your updates on Weibo recently. Did you encounter any trouble?"

Lin Wanwan: "Yes."

Ball: "Perhaps I can come up with some ideas for you."

Lin Wanwan had indeed accumulated a lot of negative emotions recently. However, she couldnt tell anyone else as that would increase their stress.

Lin Wanwan: "My boyfriends sick. He cant live for much longer."

Ball: "My condolences. Pain is just temporary. Time will heal all pain."

Lin Wanwan: "You dont understand. Actually, I didnt understand in the past as well. Now, I understand. Regardless of how busy this world is, without that person, life will have lost all meaning."

Ball: "I hope you dont develop the ridiculous thought of committing suicide."

Lin Wanwan smiled, but the smile didnt reach her eyes.

Lin Wanwan: "I wont. He wants me to live well. I cant disappoint him. However, thinking about life without him makes me feel despair. I dont know how I can survive alone for such a long period of time."

After a while, Ball sent another message.

"You can find someone else to accompany you. That Tang Chen will definitely be willing."

Lin Wanwan: "That was what he wanted as well. However, I wont go by his wishes and let him leave with peace of mind. I want him to be worried about me even when hes dead. It would be best if his corpse could suddenly move!"

Ball: ""

As Lin Wanwan typed, her eyes started to turn sour again.

Ball: "Are you crying again?"


Lin Wanwan simply assumed that he had guessed she had cried many times and didnt take what he said to heart.

"No. Thanks for listening to me rant for such a long time. Ill go offline first. As usual, lets keep our conversation a secret. Bye."

Lu Zhanbei didnt shift his gaze away from this row of words for a long time. His heart felt sweet and sour at the same time.

He wished for her to forget him, but he also wished for her to forever remember him.

His ultimate wish was that he wanted her to live well.

At this moment, the door was pushed open.

Lu Zhanbei looked up and at the woman standing outside the door. His expression returned to normal. "Why are you here?"

"Lu Zhanbei, you have hidden a lot of matters from me."


Half an hour later, Lin Wanwan rushed back after sorting out her emotions. Seeing a few medical personnel coming out from the ward, she immediately rushed over and felt her heart tighten.

"What happened to him?"

"Mr. Lus respiratory system has started to deteriorate. Remember to put on the oxygen mask for him on time."

"Ok." Lin Wanwan rubbed her lips and her heart felt heavy.

After the medical personnel walked away, Lin Wanwan looked up at the white ceiling and forced her tears back.

Could this be the price she had to pay for her resurrection?

Just when she thought she had grabbed hold of happiness, she realized that all of this was a scary illusionary perfection.

How cruel was it for her to lose again what she possessed.

If possible, she was willing to exchange her everything for Lu Zhanbei to continue living.