Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 846

Chapter 846 He Cant Die

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"Lin Wanwan, are you outside?"

When she heard Lu Zhanbeis voice from inside the ward, Lin Wanwans body trembled. She quickly dug out a few cosmetic products and covered up her haggard look.

She took a deep breath and tried her best to squeeze out a sweet smile. She pushed open the door.

"Lu Zhanbei, I just heard a very funny joke. Do you want to hear it?"

As soon as she stepped into the ward, two figures slowly emerged from the corridor.

A woman wearing a dark ladys suit with her hair in a bun looked toward the ward. She seemed indifferent and had a restrained look.

Though she was just standing there alone, it gave people a tremendous amount of oppression.

"Shes Lin Wanwan?"


Images of Lin Wanwan crying and smiling alternately flashed past the womans mind. Her eyes moved and she no longer asked about her, as if she was just a casual mention.

"Lets go back."

Every time Lu Zhanbei slept, Lin Wanwan seemed to hear the footsteps of death.

She kept watch by the bed and didnt dare to blink, as if afraid he would just suddenly fall asleep without waking up.

Darkness. Boundless darkness.

Lu Zhanbeis thoughts floated in the dark sea. He felt surging tiredness and excruciating pain all over his body.

Just when he was about to fall completely into darkness, a faint cry sounded in his ears.

"Lu Zhanbei, Lu Zhanbei"

Who was calling him?

Right. Lin Wanwan was still waiting for him!

He couldnt die!

Lu Zhanbei opened his eyes rapidly and saw Lin Wanwan, who was shouting his name while shoving him.

He pretended to be frustrated as he dug his ear. "Lin Wanwan, youre really very noisy."

"Sorry." Lin Wanwan didnt tell him that he had already been sleeping for one day and one night.Read more chapter on our vipnovel.com

"Ive slept enough. Lets go out for a walk?"

Lin Wanwan remembered that Lu Zhanbei wouldnt have the strength to stand in the later stage and changed what she was going to say. "How tiring is it to walk? Ill find a wheelchair to push you along."

"Im not that weak."

Lu Zhanbei got off the bed and held her hand. Both of them came to the grassland near the military hospital.

Lin Wanwan was worried that Lu Zhanbeis body wouldnt be able to support himself after walking for too long. She kept holding him.

"Lets take a seat and rest for a while."


Both of them walked over to a long bench. At this moment, a pretty nurse ran over and knocked into Lin Wanwan.

"Sorry, I didnt do this on purpose!"

Lin Wanwan didnt have the time to say that it was alright when she saw a few young men chasing after her from the direction the nurse ran from. They cursed and swore, "You still dare to run?! Its your blessing that I fancy you. Youre still not coming over to service me well?!"

The nurses face turned pale and she took off and ran.

The young men immediately wanted to chase after her.

Lin Wanwan frowned. She instinctively took a step forward. She changed her mind upon thinking about Lu Zhanbei and took back her thoughts of taking action.

However, her eagerness to take action had already attracted the attention of a few men.

Even if she didnt put on makeup, she was still beautiful.

The mens eyes shone at the sight of such a Lin Wanwan.

The leader of the pack immediately reached out. "Theres still a beauty here. Look at her tender cheeks. It looks like water can be squeezed out from them. Let Brother have a touch."

Lu Zhanbeis eyes turned cold.

Crack! He grasped the other partys wrist fiercely and twisted it hard. Following a crackling sound, he broke his bone.

As Lu Zhanbei had exerted too much force, he stumbled and even lost his sight for a few seconds. Lin Wanwan was so frightened that she quickly supported him.