Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 847

Chapter 847 We Will Spend The Remaining Days Happily

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If he were in his normal condition, this man would definitely have suffered more than a fracture.

"Ah!!!" The man covered his injured arm, his face ferocious-looking because of the pain.

All the people who could enter and leave the military hospital easily come from good backgrounds.

Although these men were not qualified enough to enter Lu Zhanbeis circle, they could be considered as relatively more well-known good-for-nothings in the Imperial Capital.

"Why are you still standing there like a stone? Hit him until he dies!"

Several people rushed forward.

Looking at the fist that was aiming for Lin Wanwan, Lu Zhanbei pushed her away lightly and avoided this punch.

He was about to give a sidekick when there was a sudden pain in his internal organs. He subconsciously held his chest and breathed heavily.

The other man seized this opportunity and threw a punch over!

"Lu Zhanbei!"

At the critical moment, Lin Wanwan stepped forward in time. Receiving a kick and a punch, that man was hit to the ground.

Lin Wanwan didnt have to spare any effort to deal with these scumbags who had long been made hollow by alcohol.

"Get lost!"

"Bitch. Watch out. I wont let this matter pass!"

After saying ruthless words, they stumbled and ran away.

Lin Wanwan turned around and saw Lu Zhanbei standing at the original spot, quietly looking at his hands.

He looked calm on the outside but gave off a sense of indescribable loneliness.

He was feeling upset.

He was so proud and confident. However, when his beloved woman was in danger, not only could he not protect her, but he even became her burden.

Lin Wanwans heart tightened and she slowly leaned over. "Dont think too much. Everythings alright now."

Hearing her voice, Lu Zhanbei looked up. His eyes looked red, and they made one feel depressed at first glance.

After a while, his lips curved into an unhappy smile. "You did well. You have to protect yourself like this in the future as well."

This was the woman he once swore he would protect for a lifetime. However, he couldnt do this now.

Lin Wanwan felt bitterness in her heart.

He was Lu Zhanbei!

The almighty and superior Lu Zhanbei who had everything under control!

Helpless, weak, confused, inferior these adjectives shouldnt belong to him.

Lu Zhanbei looked at the tears glistening in her eyes. At the same time that he felt heartache, he was suddenly disgusted with himself for always making her cry.

If he lived another day, she would suffer another day.

"Im tired. Lets go back." After saying this, he turned around and left.

Lin Wanwan could read his thoughts from his tired back view. She rubbed her eyes fiercely. She caught up with him and blocked his way.

"Lu Zhanbei, your mindset of women being inferior to men is too serious, eh? You have saved me so many times. So what if I saved you this once? So what if youre about to die? We should enjoy while we can. Why are you so depressed?!"

She was roaring hysterically.

Lu Zhanbei opened his mouth. Helplessness filled his seductive, handsome face.


Lin Wanwan was even angrier. "Why are you apologizing to me? Where did your incredibly thick skin go? Your vicious tongue? You cant accompany me for much longer, but youre still not making me happy. Do you believe Ill cry for you immediately? Ill let everyone see how this famous Mr. Lu bullies a woman until she cries!"

She clenched her fists and widened her eyes, as if she was an aggressive fighting cock.

How long had it been?

Ever since she found out he was about to die, shed been like an obedient maid, going with his wishes for everything.

As he saw her lose her temper now, a long-awaited sweetness filled him.

Lu Zhanbei smiled and stretched out his arms to embrace her. "Ok. We will spend the remaining days happily."