Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 848

Chapter 848 I Love You

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Lin Wanwan nodded heavily. "Yes!"

Both of them hugged each other tightly, as if wanting to integrate each other into their bodies.

Tang Chen witnessed this scene from not too far away.

Only when the two of them walked away did he sit down slowly on the chair and lit up a cigarette.

He initially thought that death could separate them. Now, it looked like he was wrong.

As long as their hearts were close enough, love could last forever.

"Heh." Tang Chen reached out and covered the position where his heart was. A self-deprecating smile curved up from the corners of his lips. "Indeed, you became soft-hearted again. Youre such a good-for-nothing."

Countdown to death.

Lu Zhanbei fell into a coma for a longer period of time. There was even once when the doctor said that he would die in this sleep, but he managed to wake up.

He opened his eyes. What welcomed him was Lin Wanwans passionately smiling face.

"Lu Zhanbei, Im going to tell you something."


"Listen carefully. Im going to say this only once."


"I love you," she said word by word, smiling like a spring flower.

Lu Zhanbeis weak heart nearly stopped beating. He pretended to be calm and said, "Oh."

Lin Wanwan was dissatisfied. She poked the back of his hand with her fingers. "Youre not going to respond to that?"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her with appreciation. "You have great taste."

"" Liking him meant she had great taste?

Lin Wanwan was about to rebut when a series of knocks could be heard on the door suddenly.

"Come in."

Tang Chen, who walked in, looked at Lu Zhanbei. The complicated look in his eyes disappeared.

"Lin Wanwan, come out for a while. I have something to tell you."

At this critical moment, Lin Wanwan didnt want to step away from Lu Zhanbei.

However, unexpectedly, Lu Zhanbei said, "Go ahead."

"Ill be back immediately. Wait for me. Youre not to sleep."

Lu Zhanbei nodded. Before leaving the ward, Lin Wanwan looked at him for a while, feeling uneasy.


Tang Chen sat lazily on the bench. He patted the position next to him, signaling Lin Wanwan to sit as well.

A similar scene suddenly flashed past his mind. He remembered that when Lin Wanwans grandpa was injured, he was also sitting here with Lu Zhanbei. He did a good deed and saved Old Master Lins life.

"Lin Wanwan, I feel like I should change my name."


"Dont call me Tang Chen anymore. Call me Saint Tang."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Tang Chen continued, "If Lu Zhanbei dies, will you consider me? Even if it takes a lifetime for you to decide, I can afford to wait."

Lin Wanwan shook her head. "I wont."

Upon hearing this, Tang Chen smiled. He felt terrible in his heart but felt that he had good taste for fancying Lin Wanwan, who was so loyal to her love.

"Why are you so certain? Youre not so stupid as to want to commit suicide, right?"

"Tang Chen, Ive spent all my courage and strength on loving Lu Zhanbei. My hearts small and its full of him. I cant place anyone else in it. You might think Im too assertive and that no one can say for sure what will happen in the future, but these are my heartfelt words."

Tang Chen stared at her determined eyes and his heart shook.

At this moment, he couldnt describe how he felt.

Sourness, helplessness, despair mingled with a trace of relief.

He couldnt possess such a wonderful love. What a pity.

After being silent for a long time, Tang Chen exhaled, spitting out all his struggles.

"Lin Wanwan, youve won."

Lin Wanwan was still confused when Tang Chen suddenly threw an aluminum box over.

"Take it."

The next second, his words stunned Lin Wanwan.