Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 849

Chapter 849 Youre Really Awesome. Its So Good To Have Known You

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"This is the antidote for your man."


Her mind went blank.

Not knowing how long had passed, Lin Wanwan finally internalized this piece of news with difficulty. She grabbed Tang Chens hand.

"Antidote? Didnt you say that the drug Lu Zhanbei consumed had no cure? Tang Chen, tell me this isnt an April Fools joke!"

Tang Chens arm was tingling with pain. "Indeed, theres no cure."

Lin Wanwan was stunned. Her shoulders collapsed.

Tang Chen glanced at her disappointed look and changed the topic. "But what Lu Zhanbei consumed was not poison at all."

Lin Wanwan came back to life once again. "But the symptoms Lu Zhanbeis body displayed"

Seeing that Lin Wanwan was staring at himself like a pitiful puppy, Tang Chen smiled and decided not to tease her anymore.

"I swapped the poison Qi Junze gave Lu Zhanbei."

Lin Wanwans mouth formed an O shape.

Tang Chen explained the matter once and for all.

"After learning that he took the new drug from my laboratory, I guessed that he wanted to use it to deal with you and Lu Zhanbei. I dont care about Lu Zhanbeis life or death. However, you are, after all, my true love, and I didnt want anything to happen to you. I rushed to the laboratory to develop a drug with similar symptoms, except that one has an antidote. While Qi Junze wasnt paying attention, I swapped the two drugs."

Was this what they called "every cloud has a silver lining"?

Lin Wanwans mouth opened and closed, then closed and opened several times.

She screamed and pounced over ecstatically. She hugged him and jumped.

"Tang Chen, I how can I thank you?! Youre really awesome. Its so good to have known you!"

She couldnt use words to describe the happiness in her heart and her gratitude for Tang Chen.

Tang Chen smelled the fragrance on her body, and his mood fell into a state of complexity again.

This was the first time she took the initiative to get close to him. How he wished for time to stop at this moment.

Lin Wanwan didnt lose control for too long. She released him and hugged the box. "Ill remember this forever in my heart. Time waits for no one. Ill go to Lu Zhanbei now!"


Tang Chen saw Lin Wanwan run quickly into the building. Her footsteps were no longer heavy but, instead, full of hope.

"This is pretty good too."

He smiled. The loneliness on his face flashed past for just a moment. He leaned his body back and raised his voice slightly.

"Ms. Shen, havent you eavesdropped enough?"

Shen Zhiyi walked out from the bushes and sat next to Tang Chen. She very naturally handed her mobile over.

"I just took a nice photo."

Tang Chen swept his gaze over her and raised his eyebrow.

This was an intimate photo of Lin Wanwan hugging him just now.

"Not bad." Tang Chen took out his mobile. "Send it to me."

Shen Zhiyi gave him a side glance in disdain. "I know youre going to try to use the photo to agitate Lu Zhanbei. I have long sent this to his mobile."

Tang Chen looked at her with more admiration. "Our hearts are quite closely linked, eh?"

"Pooh. There are so many women who want our hearts to be closely linked. Who do you think you are?"

"I remember how someone seemed to have enjoyed my kiss a lot. Are you sure youre not letting me off first in order to catch me later?"

This time around, Shen Zhiyi didnt fly into a rage out of humiliation. She looked at the smiling Tang Chen, whose eyes couldnt conceal the bitterness he felt. She knew he was changing the topic to calm his emotions.

After a while, she asked, "Do you regret it?"

Tang Chen placed both hands behind his head and crossed his long leg over the other.

He looked up at the sky. His face was evilly seductive, as always. However, there was relief from an unknown source as well.

"I dont know if Ill regret it in the future. However, during this period of time, Im already accustomed to compromising with her."