Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 85

Chapter 85 I'll Tell You If You Kiss Me

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After she recovered herself, she looked at the man standing past the doorway. “Tang Chen?”

A man in a casual suit leaned against the wall leisurely. There was a freshly lit cigarette in his mouth.

“Future girlfriend, I heard that you ran into some trouble. Are you touched that I especially rushed over to help you out?”

Lin Wanwan looked left and right. “How did you enter the female hostel?”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows. “Nobody can stop me wherever I want to go.”

Lin Wanwan bypassed him. “Thanks for the thought, but I don’t need your help. You can go back to wherever you came from.”

Tang Chen grabbed her wrist and lightly flung her against the wall. He smiled evilly and said, “You really don’t need me? I can’t let this be a wasted trip though. I want a runner’s fee.”

Without waiting for Lin Wanwan’s reply, he lowered his head slowly. “Come, give me a kiss.”

Lin Wanwan was about to push him away when she heard two girls talking.

She could only pull Tang Chen’s hand and return to the hostel, closing the door at the same time.

“You’re that afraid of people finding out about our secret rendezvous?”

Secret rendezvous, your head!

Lin Wanwan stared at him. “I’m worried that you will be treated as a pervert.”

The sound outside got closer and closer. Lin Wanwan shushed him, “No talking allowed.”

Was Tang Chen the kind of person who would listen obediently?

He gave Lin Wanwan a half-smile and leered at her. His thin lips opened.

Lin Wanwan hurriedly covered his mouth with her hand. He unexpectedly stuck out his tongue the next second and licked her palm gently. She was shocked at the wet and slippery sensation and quickly withdrew her hand!

“Tang Chen, did you know this is considered sexual harassment?”

“If you’re ugly then that’s considered harassment. What I’m doing here is teasing.” He had started to become shameless.


Lin Wanwan could not be bothered to argue with him. She left after opening the door, and Tang Chen followed suit.

After exiting the back gate of Imperial Capital High School, Tang Chen got on the sports car parked at the side of the road. “I’ll give you a lift.”

Lin Wanwan decided to go with him after thinking for a while. She did not put on any disguise when she came out in a hurry. Based on how much she was being criticized now, people could easily throw rotten eggs at her.

“Where to?”

“Lin family.”

Tang Chen raised his eyebrows. “You’re not planning to directly confront your stepmother right?”

Lin Wanwan said plainly, “I’m not that stupid.”

Tao Xinyue would never admit to it.

Tang Chen looked at her. “I’m asking you one last time. Are you sure you don’t need my help?”

Lin Wanwan asked him back, “What’s the price for getting help from you?”


“You’re a businessman, and you will never do a deal where you’re on the losing end. The premise for helping me will be for me to pay a corresponding price, right?”

“Clever.” Tang Chen clapped his hands twice. “Then what do you think is the price I want you to pay?”

Lin Wanwan did not answer but shrugged her shoulders. “I have no special relationship with Lu Zhanbei. I don’t care if you really like him or if you have a feud with him. There’s no point wasting time on me. Being my boyfriend will not affect Lu Zhanbei.”

Tang Chen’s eyes shone and he laughed out loud. “Lin Wanwan, I’m getting to like you more and more.”

“So I guessed correctly?” Lin Wanwan smiled.

“Half correct.”

“Then what’s the other half?”

From the rear mirror, Tang Chen noticed that a car was following behind them. His lips curved, and he stretched his long arm to pull Lin Wanwan in an embrace.

“Kiss me and I’ll tell you.”

“Go away!”

Lin Wanwan pushed him away forcefully and sat even farther from him.

Tang Chen did not lean over anymore. As he held his chin with one hand, he laughed while looking at her, giving Lin Wanwan goosebumps.