Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 850

Chapter 850 Im Still So Young. Of Course I Have To Find A Spare Tire

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This sentence sounded sad.

Shen Zhiyi was silent for a while. Then, she slapped his shoulder heavily. "My senior taught me a saying before. Love is like a drug. People without self-control would be doomed internally once moved. Clever people must learn to avoid it. You have to repent and be saved!"

"Whos your senior?"

"A self-proclaimed handsome person."

"Hes definitely a hypocrite, then."

No matter how good a person is in theory, it was useless if he or she hadnt experienced love before.

Shen Zhiyi strongly felt that way as well.

Tang Chen didnt say anything again. He looked at the sky quietly.

Shen Zhiyi could detect the loneliness in his bones. It was probably due to a womans natural motherhood instinct, but she actually developed a little gentleness in her heart.

"Peach-shaped eyes, youre also quite bad. You could have said the truth earlier, but you had to wait until now."

"Because I really wanted Lu Zhanbei to die."

"Then why did you change your mind?"


Tang Chen deliberately dragged the long note. When hed aroused Shen Zhiyis curiosity, he gave her a playful glance.

"How does that matter to you? Ms. Shen, you couldnt have fallen in love with me after that one kiss, right? I really cant tell you were so innocent."

As his words fell, Shen Zhiyi swept her long legs across fiercely.

Thankfully, Tang Chen avoided it fast enough. If not, he would have lost half his life at the minimum.

"Im so scared!" Young Tang said exaggeratedly.

"Snort. On account that you have saved Zhanbeis life, Ill write off the fact that you have kissed me forcibly back then. Congratulations on keeping your tool for succession. Ill get going first."

Tang Chen looked at her back view and shrugged his shoulders.

When his thoughts returned, a trace of confusion appeared in his beautiful eyes.

If even death couldnt separate Lu Zhanbei and Lin Wanwan, what else could he do?

Lin Wanwan handed the medicine over to the director. The director tried this as a last resort and immediately formulated it.

In the ward, Lu Zhanbei was playing with his mobile.

Lin Wanwan was in a good mood and gave a big smile without any hesitation. "What are you looking at?"

She walked over and was slightly embarrassed when she saw the image on the screen.

Which a*shole dared to send such a secretly-taken photo to Lu Zhanbei?

"Cough cough cough"

She coughed for a while and met Lu Zhanbeis eyes, which didnt give anything away. "Why are you looking at me like that? Youre about to die and Im still so young. Of course I have to find a spare tire. You wouldnt want me to be lonely and alone when Im old, right?"

Lu Zhanbei stuffed his mobile under his pillow and said calmly, "Thats pretty good. Should I wish for both of you to live to old age in conjugal bliss?"

What did he say? It was pretty good?

Lin Wanwan was so angry, her eyebrows were raised up high. "Lu Zhanbei, do you dare say this sentence a second time?"

"It was pretty good."

Heh, indeed. Such an attitude was pretty good.

"Since youre considering so much for me, I have no reason to reject it. Ill confess my love to Tang Chen immediately."

Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered to look at him again. She went to the bathroom.

She washed her face. Hearing footsteps behind her, she didnt turn back.

"Why are you here? Trying to wish me and Tang Chen to live to old age in conjugal bliss?"

"Lin Wanwan," Lu Zhanbei called out.

She ignored him and continued to wash her face.

Shortly after, Lin Wanwan felt a barbaric force on her waist. Before she knew it, she was carried to the top of the bath table.

The man forced his body strongly between her legs. He lifted her chin up with two fingers and his thin, icy lips fell.