Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 852

Chapter 852 The Path Winds Along Mountain Ridges

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Lu Zhanbei successfully read her look of resentment. He pinched her face the same way she did his previously.


"Youre the fool. Your whole family is made up of fools."

"Youre my wife. My whole family includes you. Looks like youre really a fool."

Lin Wanwan snorted coldly. "Im not going to marry you!"

"Then who are you going to marry?"

"Tang Chen. He saved you. Ive already promised to devote my life to him." Lin Wanwan half-laughed.

Lu Zhanbei looked at her. Then, he walked away while carrying her.

"Lu Zhanbei, where are you bringing me to?"

"The Civil Affairs Bureau."


Eventually, under Lin Wanwans strong protest, Lu Zhanbei placed her on the bed.

After what happened just now, the expression on his face turned worse and his dizziness became more serious.

Lin Wanwan didnt dare to delay anymore. She was about to get the doctor when the director, who had finished formulating the antidote, rushed over.

Lu Zhanbei was pushed into the operation theater. Lin Wanwan released his hand. "Ill wait for you to be out."

Lu Zhanbei hooked his finger at her.

Lin Wanwan leaned her head over and heard him laughing lightly by her ear.

"We have talked about growing old together until our hairs turn white. As long as we still have a strand of black hair, that wont count."


The door was closed, blocking Lin Wanwans gaze.

She sat on the long bench in the corridor and waited quietly.

Although she believed Tang Chen, Lin Wanwan was still very nervous as this involved Lu Zhanbeis life and death.

She did not know how much time had passed before the operation door finally opened.

Lin Wanwan immediately rushed over. Without waiting for her to ask anything, the director smiled and said, "Mr. Lus dying cells are starting to recover. Even though its only been a short period of time and we cant see anything more yet, this is still a good sign."

When she heard this, Lin Wanwans tightened nerves loosened slightly. "Thank you!"

Lu Zhanbei was transferred to the ward for observation 24 hours a day.

The next day, his body stopped deteriorating and he began to improve in all aspects.

Lin Wanwan was ecstatic. She shared this news with Shen Zhiyi and the rest, and all of them heaved a sigh of relief.

Although Lu Zhanbei escaped from death, his body had weakened a lot after the past few months of destruction.

Lin Wanwan originally wanted to accompany him until he was discharged from the hospital. However, Lu Zhanbei insisted that she had rested long enough and should head back to the production studio to work.

She could only take care of him while filming.

People are in high spirits when involved in happy events. Once relieved of her burden, Lin Wanwan, who was immersed in her work, didnt have a single NG in the next few days. Occasionally, she could even have a small breakthrough, making the director very satisfied.

The day Lu Zhanbei recovered, Mo Chen suggested that they have a celebration.

It was 8 pm at Jin Tong Que Ground Palace.

In the room, Mo Chen stepped on the table and yelled loudly, "To celebrate Brother Zhanbei having survived a great disaster, here, lets have a drink!"


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Lu Zhanbei sat in the corner out of habit. Lin Wanwan was pulled to the side by Ruan Baoer.

"Sister Ball, you have to help me. I beg you!" Ruan Baoer clasped her hands together.


Ruan Baoer leaned in by her ear and said a lot.

After listening, Lin Wanwan rubbed her temples as she was developing a headache. "Why does it have to be so troublesome? If you really want to pursue Si Han, just outright confess to him. If he likes you, thats a happy ending. If he doesnt, just find out the reason, work on it, and try again next time!"

Ruan Baoer raised her fists. "Ive confessed to him previously and he said I was too childish. So, I want to plan a confession ceremony on a grand scale to show my maturity."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. Yes someone who says such things was generally not mature.