Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 853

Chapter 853 In The Heat Of The Night

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"Ok, but first things first, no matter the outcome, Im not going to be responsible for it." Lin Wanwan promised.

Ruan Baoer looked excited. "Im confident about taking Si Han down!"

Both of them were whispering when Si Han walked over. He gave Ruan Baoer a side glance and said, "Excuse me."

Ruan Baoer patted her thigh boldly. "This special soft seat is provided only for you. Youre welcome."

Si Han really sat down and even adjusted his seating position to make himself more comfortable.

Poor Ruan Baoer. Although the man on her thighs had a figure comparable to a top-notch model, his height of 1.85 meters wouldnt make him any lighter.

Ignoring the moans from behind him, Si Han chatted with Lin Wanwan calmly about serious business. "You have been away from the public for too long recently and youre severely lacking in attention."

Lin Wanwan understood this as well. She had taken some time to browse Weibo yesterday, and many fans were protesting against her sudden disappearance.

Thinking of Ruan Baoers plan, a plan came to mind.

"I have a proposition."

"Do share."

"Loving You Is My Business is airing right now. My popularity hasnt fallen too much. Im just missing some exposure. So, I want to hold a fan meet to increase my exposure and give back to the fans."

Although she was being crushed like a piece of salted fish, Ruan Baoers eyes shone and she secretly gave her a thumbs up.

Well done!

Si Han didnt think too much.

Lin Wanwan had always adored her fans. When she was Lin Xiao, she often held fan meets and even did giveaways on stage.

"Ok, Ill make the arrangements."

Lin Wanwan had promised Ruan Baoer her help but felt apologetic toward Si Han. Thus, she sucked up to him. "I know Si Dadas the most reliable."

Si Han squinted his eyes at her until Lin Wanwan felt uneasy.

"Lets not keep in contact for the time being."


"Theres no free lunch in this world. Your little acting skills cant fool me."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

On the other end, Lu Zhanbei poured two glasses of wine and sat next to Tang Chen. He handed over a glass.

"Ive long wanted to make a toast to you. Will you give me some face?"

Tang Chen didnt receive it and touched his chin, as if in deep thought. "Isnt this the first time Mr. Lu is taking the initiative to propose a toast?"


Tang Chen received the glass happily. This was extraordinarily unusual.

Both of them clang glasses.

Lu Zhanbei played with an empty wine glass and looked casual.

He owed Tang Chen too much.

Tang Chen could tell with one look what he was thinking. "Lu Zhanbei, lets have another drink, shall we?"

Lu Zhanbei personally filled his glass. Both of them finished the contents in one go at the same time.

This was the tacit understanding between men. No words needed to be spoken.

Shen Zhiyi pulled Lin Wanwan and started to sing songs. Ruan Baoer added everyone on WeChat and created a group so that it would be easier for them to contact one another.

It was midnight.

Lin Wanwan felt happy in her heart and drank a few more glasses. She was already tipsy.

As she hugged Shen Zhiyi, she started to smile like a fool. "Lu Zhanbei, its great that you can survive. Shall we do something tonight? In the heat of the night"

Everyone in the room immediately looked at Lu Zhanbei ambiguously.

Shen Zhiyi patted Lin Wanwans face. "Are you sure you want to have sex with me?"

With a squelch, Lin Wanwan immediately looked up and kissed her face.

Lu Zhanbei strode over quickly and forcefully pulled Lin Wanwan away from Shen Zhiyis body.