Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 854

Chapter 854 Do You Want To Touch It?

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"Lin Wanwan, stop acting stupid here. Go home with me!"

"How dare you!" As Lin Wanwan struggled, she shouted, "You actually dare to touch my noble body. Youre dead meat!"

Lu Zhanbei threw the chattering girl over his shoulder as if he was carrying a sack and walked out of the room quickly.

Even after theyd walked far away, the others could still hear Lin Wanwans heartbreaking cry.

"Come here and protect me!!!"

Shen Zhiyi sighed and gave a tsk. "This couple really knows how to play."

Tang Chen glanced at her. "If youre envious, just say it."

Shen Zhiyi tilted her head and revealed the lipstick stain Lin Wanwan had left behind on her face. She smiled slightly and said, "If youre envious, just say it."

Tang Chen was speechless. ""

When they returned to Yun Mansion, Lu Zhanbei carried the noisy woman who was laughing and pushed open the bathroom door. He was hard-hearted and threw her into the bathtub. He switched on the sprinkler.

The cold water poured over Lin Wanwan. She shivered and became more sober.

She wiped her face fiercely and yelled, "Lu Zhanbei, this is domestic violence. Do you think I wont sue you?!"

Lu Zhanbei snorted coldly. He held a handful of water in his hands and forcefully wiped Lin Wanwans lips.

"So painful!" As Lin Wanwan tried to avoid him, she teased and said, "Lu Zhanbei, are you jealous?"

"I dont like to eat sour things." Lu Zhanbei didnt stop his actions.

When Lin Wanwan felt that her mouth was going to wear off, he finally retracted his hand.

"Take your time to wash up. Im going to sleep." He stood up.

This man had tormented her into this state. How could she let him forget it?!

"Youre not to leave!" Lin Wanwan shouted.

Seeing that Lu Zhanbei didnt have the intention to stop, she directly splashed a handful of water over, wetting his trousers.

She was still feeling happy when the man turned around calmly and looked at her from atop.

"Youre the one who forced me to stay."

An ominous feeling developed in her heart. She became guarded and asked, "What do you want to do?"

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips and started to strip.

Blazer, vest, shirt, trousers

Until the very end, Lin Wanwan forgot to cover her eyes and just looked fixedly at everything in front of her.

Mr. Lus figure was really awesome!

Beautiful long legs, deep Apollos belt, defined muscles

Although she had already appreciated them countless times before, she still couldnt get enough of them.

"Youre about to drool."

Lin Wanwan subconsciously used her hand to wipe her mouth but there was no trace of drool. Lu Zhanbei, who just stepped into the bathtub, looked at her with disdain.

"So stupid. Youre hooked so easily."

With the strong visual impact, Lin Wanwan couldnt be bothered to bicker with him. She stretched out her hands, which didnt know their place, and said, "Ill help you wash."

Lu Zhanbei lay down, relaxed. His strong chest was faintly visible. Coupled with the lazy and playful expression, the sight was extremely seductive.

"Do you want to touch it?"

"Yes, yes, yes."

"Brush your teeth thirty times. If you dont, no go."

Lin Wanwan looked at him in silence for a long time. "Lu Zhanbei, are you sure you dont like to eat sour things?"

Lu Zhanbei curved his lips, and his eyes were full of smiles.

Although Lin Wanwan wanted to have sex with him, her body was weak and under the influence of alcohol. She fell asleep after climbing onto the bed.

Before she fell asleep, she grabbed Lu Zhanbeis hand and said, "We have talked about growing old together until our hairs turn white. Youre not to go back on your word"

Lu Zhanbei kissed her forehead. "Never."

The filming of the movie was about to end. Lin Wanwan didnt have to go to the production studio every day. She picked a date and posted the news of a fan meet onto her Weibo.

All the Ball fans were agitated. Knowing that there was no need to spend money to obtain tickets to this fan meet and that there were to be giveaways, even passers-by started to get excited.