Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 855

Chapter 855 Everyone Was Crazy Over Him

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Lin Wanwans move had successfully gotten passers-by to develop favorable opinions of her. Even fans of other celebrities expressed envy, jealousy, and hatred.

Three days later, the fan meet was held in the famous Red Man Museum in the Imperial Capital.

There was a huge floor area here. Many big-time singers had held their concerts here before.

As the event was free, there were many people who came over to participate in it. Within an hour, all the tickets were taken.

Lin Wanwan let the makeup artist do her makeup backstage. From the corner of her eye, she swept her gaze over Si Han, who was yawning.

"Si Dada, can you not put on such a face?"

Si Han gave her a fake smile. "Its 9 pm now. According to my routine, I should be at a party with a bunch of busy beauties, not being forced by you to be here. What kind of face do you want me to put on?"

Lin Wanwan snorted and advised sincerely, "Alcohol and lust are harmful. You better find a good girl and settle down soon."

As soon as Si Han heard this, he knew she was trying to brew something. "Are you under the impression I cant put on an even uglier face?"

"Ok. Ill shut up."

Half an hour later, Lin Wanwan got on the stage amidst warm cheers.

As a famous actress who had spent many years in the entertainment circle, Lin Wanwan had mastered a lot of skills.

For instance, singing.

She ignited the audience with a light-hearted song. Then, she started the fan question-and-answer session.

Whoever had the light shone on his or her face would have an opportunity to ask questions.

"Ball, can you share with us your recent work schedule?"

"Ball, is your boyfriend here today?"

"Ball, I like you a lot. Can you tell me you love me?!"

Lin Wanwan responded to all of them easily.

Next, she invited a few fans up on stage for some games. For instance, guessing a puzzle together or performing a live show.

In the end, as she adored her fans, she even performed archery, which garnered thunderous applause from the crowd.

The atmosphere had been very warm. When the two-hour fan meet was almost over, Lin Wanwan finally remembered serious matters.

She picked up the microphone and swept her gaze over the audience. She smiled playfully and said, "I know that at least 80% of the people here came to see my manager. As the Mary Sue who maintains peace in the universe, Ill fulfill your wishes. Everyone, please show your greatest enthusiasm and give a round of applause to welcome Si Dada up on stage!"

Clap clap clap

Thunderous applause sounded.

In contrast to everyones excited looks, Si Han, who witnessed this scene, was frowning.

What was this situation?

Lin Wanwan obviously knew that he didnt like to show his face in public. He wasnt in-the-know that there would be such a segment as well.

"Si Dada, come up quickly!"

Echoing her words, everyone shouted together.

"Si Han! Si Han! Si Han!"

Under the cheers, Si Han could only give Lin Wanwan face and go up on stage.

A beam of shining light was projected over him appropriately. The moment they saw Si Han, the place was in an uproar!

Si Han was definitely the kind of legendary person who would be spoken about everywhere even though he had been missing in action for a long time.

He wore a gray casual suit today and looked more carefree compared to when he had an abstinent style.

His unique and handsome face looked indifferent. As he raised his hand, he brought about a natural sense of elegance and nobility. He immediately had all the female eyes on him.

Everyone was going crazy over him, and the applause didnt stop for a long time.

Lin Wanwan felt sour in her heart. She was the main lead for today, alright?!

She was still feeling jealous when Si Han, who walked over to her, glanced at her coldly.