Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 856

Chapter 856 My Eyes Are Saying Im Unwilling

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"You better give me a reasonable explanation later. Otherwise, I will make you copy the book on morality ten thousand times and ban you from eating desserts forever!"


Lin Wanwan secretly complained in her heart.

Baoer, oh Baoer. I have made a huge sacrifice for you this time!

Lin Wanwan raised her hands and signaled downwards slightly. The thunderous applause gradually quieted down.

Her clear voice resounded through every corner. "There will be a mysterious guest on stage as well today. Everyone, please give a loud round of applause."

The audience followed her words and put their hands together again.

The stage suddenly darkened; only a beam of light was fixed in the sky.

Accompanied by the melodious sound of music, a swing with flowers and vines descended from the sky.

"I can accompany you to see the stars. Without saying much, I want to be together with you. I dont want to be separated from you again. I want to be beautiful every time because of you"

The womans voice was sweet and carried with it affection that was difficult to hide.

Si Han looked up at the woman on the swing.

Ruan Baoer wasnt dressed in her usual Lolita style. Her chestnut-colored curly hair complemented her white off-shoulder dress. She carried with her the elegance and confidence of a young and mature woman.

As the swing descended, her dress fluttered. Coupled with the flower petals that fell from the sky, the image was both beautiful and romantic.

Everyone fell into a state of shock and looked intently. Only Si Han looked cold, as usual.

Lin Wanwan suppressed her voice and asked, "Si Dada, is this surprise enough?"

Si Han looked at her and didnt say anything. His eyes were cold.

Lin Wanwans heart tightened.

Finally, the swing descended in front of Si Han.

As Ruan Baoer sang with a microphone in one hand, the other hand carried a bouquet of red roses. The intention was clear on her soft and cute face, and she smiled affectionately.

Seeing that Si Hans charming face was without a smile, Ruan Baoer felt that her heart was hanging in the sky.

Do not admit defeat!

She secretly cheered herself up and started to sing the last chorus.

The last note fell and there was silence both on and off the stage.

Si Han curved his lips with a trace of sarcasm and sized her up. "Are you confessing to me?"

Ruan Baoer looked at him and quickly lowered her head.

This mans appeal had grown exponentially ever since she realized she liked Si Han.


Si Han approached her slowly. Ruan Baoer mustered up the courage to look at him straight in the eye.

After a while, he laughed lightly. "However, why do I feel that youre forcing me to accept you?"

When she heard this, Ruan Baoers expression became tense.

Lin Wanwan secretly shouted "oh no!" in her heart.

She understood Si Hans character the best.

To put it nicely, he was free and uninhibited. To put it badly, he was extremely stubborn.

He hated being threatened the most. This Baoer seemed to be confessing her love in a passionate way. However, in Si Hans eyes, he only felt that she was making use of the public to force him to agree to her confession.

"Si Han, youve misunderstood. I just want"

Ruan Baoer also realized the problems brought about by this occasion.

Saying such mushy words in front of so many people was simply a test for how thick her skin was.

She initially expected Si Han to be touched even if he didnt agree to her confession.

Si Han looked at her pale face and suddenly smiled. "Shush. Dont say anything else. I understand."

This smile was extremely good-looking. Ruan Baoer was so charmed that her eyes shone.

"Si Han"

"Have you seen it clearly?"


Si Han smiled seductively. However, every word he said was like a needle that broke Ruan Baoers hopes.

"My eyes are saying Im unwilling."