Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 857

Chapter 857 This Matter Has Blown Up

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Ruan Baoer could hear her heart breaking. However, she soon calmed down and ignored the commotion from below the stage.

"At the very least, it will not be too late to reject me after listening to my confession."

"Theres no need to."

No matter what she said, she couldnt win his heart.

If he didnt like her, he didnt like her.

"Ruan Baoer, dont play such childish tricks in the future. We are not compatible."

On account of their friendship, Si Han turned around and walked away after saying this lightly.

As he brushed shoulders with Lin Wanwan, he smiled coldly, as if saying "youre finished."

Lin Wanwans face turned pale.

Ruan Baoer looked at Si Hans resolute back and raised her voice. "Si Han, on what basis did you determine that were not compatible when we arent even together? Even if Im childish, Im very certain of one point. That is I like you!"

Si Han didnt pause in his footsteps. He quickly stepped down from the stage and left.

Ruan Baoer stood at the original spot. She bit her lips and didnt say anything.

Lin Wanwan looked at her worriedly. "Baoer"

Ruan Baoer sniffed and squeezed out a smile on her face. "Sister Ball, Im fine. Ive long expected this ending."

She just didnt expect Si Han to be so ruthless.

It was alright. It was normal for the road to love to be bumpy.

"Please continue. Ill get going first."

Lin Wanwan looked at Ruan Baoers lowered head and sighed in her heart.

Was it a mistake for her to agree to help?

If Si Dada really had no feelings for Ruan Baoer, her trying to pair them up would only lead to the opposite effect.

Lin Wanwan threw away the messy thoughts in her mind and looked down at the audience.

There were too many people. Their whisperings were mixed together, and she couldnt hear clearly what they were saying.

A few people had long used their mobiles to record the scene just now.

"Now, we will start the last segment. Its time for giveaways!"

This sentence successfully pulled back most peoples attention.

Lin Wanwan gave out a lot of prizes. Besides laptops and holidays for two, there were thousands of consolation prizes. She even thoughtfully gave out autographed photos to fans who didnt win anything, guaranteeing that everyone who made this trip would have some sort of gains.

After the sweepstakes, the fan meet came to an end.

The next morning, the first thing Lin Wanwan did after opening her eyes was to browse Weibo on her mobile. When she saw the latest hot news, she sucked in a breath of cold air.

Baoer was famous.

The video of the fan meet yesterday was uploaded to the Internet and created a huge commotion.

Who was Si Han? Although he wasnt a popular celebrity, he was definitely a male idol god in the eyes of thousands of girls.

Ruan Baoers confession had caused a lot of girls to be dissatisfied.

Of course, a few of them thought that they were a good-looking couple and were pretty eye-catching.

There was an uproar on the Internet. Nobody cared about the exposed relationship of a certain Little Fresh Meat or the news of a Grade B celebrity derailing her marriage.

"Thankfully, our male god rejected that woman. If not, I will have torn her apart!"

"Thats right. Si Hans ours. We will destroy whoever snatches him away!"

"To be honest, I feel that this woman is pretty courageous, just like Ball. Do you still remember her confessing to Luo Han previously? Such a grand confession ceremony. Im touched and I support them being together!"

"Sorry to deviate, but since Ball agreed to go along with that woman, does this mean that Ball is supportive of them being together?"

Lin Wanwan swept her eyes across the comments on the Internet. It was really a hurricane-like madness.

"Sigh." She held her forehead with one hand. "This matter has blown up."