Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 858

Chapter 858 Ready To Be Dealt With?

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Lu Zhanbei, who was closing his eyes to rest, said plainly, "You really know how to worry for nothing."

Lin Wanwan rolled her eyes at him in bad temper. "Better than you whos inhumane!"

Lu Zhanbei flipped over, his back facing her. "Dont beg me later."

Lin Wanwan was dissatisfied. "Whoever begs you is a puppy!"

Lu Zhanbei did not say anything.

Lin Wanwan couldnt help but browse through the comments again. Thinking of Si Dadas gaze yesterday, she immediately had chills down her spine.

She tentatively dialed Si Hans number.

"Hello. The number you have dialed is currently unavailable. Please try again later."

A few minutes later, Lin Wanwan dialed a second time.

The number was still unavailable.

After a few times, Lin Wanwan understood it. Si Han had blacklisted her!

Lin Wanwan was anxious. She couldnt wait to go to the winery to find Si Han. However, if Si Han deliberately didnt want to see her, she would only be making an empty pounce even if she went to the winery.

She couldnt reach Si Han, but someone could

Lin Wanwan looked at Lu Zhanbei silently. "Cough!"

She coughed and made her presence known.

"" Lu Zhanbei feigned ignorance.

Lin Wanwan crawled to the side of the bed and entered Lu Zhanbeis arms. She looked at the man holding his chin with one hand, seemingly asleep, and laughed playfully. She kissed his lips.

There was no reaction.

You could never wake up a person who was pretending to be asleep.

Lin Wanwan moved her eyes. Her hands didnt know their place and started to open his shirt. She squeezed his taut and skinny abdomen, then moved her hands downwards.

Suddenly, her hands were caught.

"Ready to be dealt with?"

Looking into those deep and good-looking eyes, Lin Wanwan cleared her throat.

Seeing her intention, Lu Zhanbeis eyes froze. "No calling!"

If she was a puppy, then what was he?

Lin Wanwan wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled sweetly. She started to act like a spoiled child.

"Brother Zhanbei~ help me. If Si Han quits his job, how can I become the most famous actress who dominates the entertainment circle? If that doesnt happen, I wont be happy. When Im unhappy, Ill argue with you. When we argue, we will break up. When we break up, I cant grow old together with you. Helping me is helping yourself. Please!"

Lu Zhanbei looked at her with disdain.

Well done. This woman had successfully disgusted him.

"Lin Wanwan, youve won."

Lin Wanwan wanted to raise a sign of victory when Lu Zhanbei laughed coldly. "However, I have a condition."

Lin Wanwan choked and sighed. With the spirit of giving herself up, she started to pull down the straps of her nightdress.

Lu Zhanbeis lips twitched. "I just wanted you to prepare breakfast for me. Since when did you become so dirty-minded?"

Lin Wanwan was both furious and embarrassed. She was about to put on her clothes again when Lu Zhanbei changed the topic. "If you really want it, I can satisfy you."

Damn. Lu Zhanbei, who knew how to let her off first in order to catch her later, was really annoying!

After being teased fiercely, she tolerated the grievances in her heart and started to urge Lu Zhanbei to find Si Han.

He picked up the phone and dialed a number. He went straight to the point. "Jiushang, need to trouble you for something."

"" Mo Jiushang breathed evenly.

"Dont pretend to sleep. I know you can hear me."

"I want to ignore you."


Lu Zhanbei was amused by his childish attitude. Lin Wanwan, who had been eavesdropping by the side, found it funny as well.

Mo Jiushang was tall and looked perfectly like a war god.

However, at this moment, he was being exceptionally childish. There was a stark contrast.

"Youve hurt me."

"Mentally or physically? I can pay you double the loss."

"I want a holiday."

"Sure. How long do you want it to be?"

"Thats up to me. As long as Im happy."