Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 860

Chapter 860 Was He Challenging Him?

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Si Han understood it. He didnt expect Ruan Qinghe, who was known as the smiling king of hell, to actually be so controlling of his sister.

"Tell me your decision."

"I wont pick either."

As Si Hans words fell, Ruan Qinghe turned the tail ring on his pinky.

Anyone familiar with him would know that this was a sign of his intention to kill.

Si Han sensed that the bodyguard who was pointing a gun at his head had immediately put his finger on the trigger. He could only adjust himself into a more comfortable sitting position.

"Ruan Qinghe, you dont have to threaten me with the power of the Ruan family. Help me tell your sister that I have no time to play games with her. I cant develop any feelings for her except friendship. Even if shes stark naked in front of me, I wont be able to get erect. Youre a man as well. You should understand."

Ruan Qinghes face sank.

"Si Han, I think the person who has an eye issue is you. I wont talk about superficial topics like family backgrounds with you. Baoer is a little stubborn but not spoiled. Shes good-looking and has a good character. In what way is she incompatible with you?"

Ruan Qinghe was asking this question in the capacity of an older brother, not the successor of the Ruan family.

Upon him hearing this, the carefree look on Si Hans face disappeared.

"If you really dote her, you should understand that even if I am together with your sister due to the power of the Ruan family while being unable to fall in love with her, that would not be love at all. Are you sure she will like such an unequal way of love? Believe me, she wont be happy."

Ruan Qinghe was silent for a long time. He suddenly smiled lightly.

"I admit that youre right." Ruan Qinghe put down the wine glass in his hands. "So Ill give you choices again. Number one, youll leave an arm here to pay the price for rejecting Baoer. Number two, die here. I dont have much patience. Ill give you three seconds to consider."


As he counted one, Si Han similarly smiled. He said with double meaning, "Me too."

Ruan Qinghe frowned.

Si Han stood up and stretched his back. He lit a cigarette, then threw it up.

The bodyguard who was aiming a gun at him immediately moved the direction of the muzzle. Suddenly, he saw a blur before his eyes and Si Han seemed to have disappeared into thin air.Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

Shortly after, his arm ached. Before he could react, he was already thrown to the hard ground!


Si Han didnt take away the gun in his hand. He stepped on the middle of his legs with one foot and raised his right hand lazily. Two slender fingers accurately caught that cigarette.

He slowly held it in his mouth and gave the man beneath his foot a side glance with his narrow eyes.

"Coming out empty-handed is very comforting for the soul. Do you want to try it?"


All of these things happened in a split second. Ruan Qinghes face darkened. It looked like he had underestimated Si Han.

The skills he displayed definitely didnt belong to a simple manager.

"Si Han, our Ruan family doesnt lack bodyguards."

"I know."

Si Han leaned down with his body. As he saw the bodyguards body tighten because of his movements, he reached out and took away the flame sign on his chest.

It was an exquisite brooch made of gold.

"Heh." He smiled without any clear meaning. After playing with it for a while, he slowly held it tight.

When he was captured, he had already identified the other party through this brooch.

He came over here voluntarily.

When Si Han opened his palms again, the brooch representing the Ruan familys logo became out of shape.

The surrounding air pressure around Ruan Qinghe immediately dropped.

Was he challenging him?