Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 861

Chapter 861 This Is The Consequence Of Kidnapping Si Han

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As Ruan Qinghes anger started to brew, Si Han dug out a ball of paper from his trousers and smoothened it. Then, he threw it over.

Ruan Qinghe subconsciously received it. When he glanced at the content written on the crumpled paper, his pupils shrank slightly.

This was a contract.

It was a contract between the Ruan family and Fengchen, Asias largest shipping company.

Why was this in Si Hans hands?

Reading the shock in Ruan Qinghes eyes, Si Han sat down on the sofa again.

"Mr. Ruan, since you are feigning ignorance, I dont have to be polite anymore. You know better than anyone else how much the Ruan family has paid for this transaction. Once this contract cant proceed smoothly anymore, the benefits the Ruan family will lose are countless."

This tone was filled with intolerance.

Ruan Qinghe recalled that the boss of Fengchen was surnamed Si and understood everything.

What he couldnt understand was, since Si Han came from such a strong background, why did he lower himself to be a small-time manager?

"Im done. Goodbye."

Whether it was his feelings or the pros and cons in the business field, Si Han had already analyzed them all. He felt that there was nothing more for him to say.

Ruan Qinghe looked at his back view. It was difficult to determine his expression.

"Stay there!"

There were plenty of opportunities for the Ruan family to improve their status in the future. However, he only had one sister!

No matter how legitimate Si Hans words were, they couldnt be reason enough to hurt his sister!

Si Han stopped in his tracks.

The smell of explosives seemed to fill the air.

Just when the battle fire was about to be ignited, a crisp voice traveled over.

"Everyone, get lost!"

The frost in Ruan Qinghes eyes melted at a speed visible to the naked eye. He had an expression that could be described as "headache" on his face.

Si Hans eyes flashed and he looked up.

Only to see Ruan Baoer barging in fiercely as several servants tried to stop her.

Upon her seeing that Si Han was standing at the porch, looking well, her expression softened. She sized him up and was relieved after confirming that he was unharmed.

She didnt say anything and just looked around in the living room.

Ruan Qinghe couldnt help but ask, "Baoer, what are you looking for? Ill get people to help you find it."

Ruan Baoer ignored him and continued to look for something.

Finally, she found a strand of a mans hair on the sofa.

She pinched that strand of hair and rushed toward Ruan Qinghe aggressively.

"Brother, you went too overboard! You actually broke a strand of Si Hans hair. I dont care. Im going to pluck out two strands of your hair!"


The green veins on Ruan Qinghes forehead jumped twice. He no longer had the calmness and fierceness he did when dealing with Si Han.

"Ruan Baoer, your elbows almost reaching Mars. Which eye of yours had seen me touching his hair? From the day you were born, I have always been taking care of you. You actually want to pluck your brothers hair now because of a man?"

The last sentence was filled with grievances.

Ruan Baoer was doubtful. "You really didnt?"


"Ok. I have blamed you wrongly."

Ruan Baoer admitted her mistake very quickly. Seeing that Ruan Qinghe was still black-faced, she immediately dug out a box of cigarettes from his blazer like she was a sidekick.

"Brother, dont be angry anymore. Take a cigarette and calm down. Ill light it up for you."

His sisters pleading made Ruan Qinghe feel good. He snorted coldly and held a cigarette in his mouth.

Ruan Baoer quickly ignited the fire.


The blue flame immediately scorched several messy strands of hair over Ruan Qinghes forehead.

Ruan Qinghes face turned green. "Ruan! Bao! Er!"

Ruan Baoer made a face at him and said, "This is the consequence of kidnapping Si Han!"