Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 862

Chapter 862 I Wont Give Up

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When Ruan Qinghe reached out to grab her, Ruan Baoer immediately took off and ran away.

When she passed by the porch, she didnt forget to pull Si Hans hand. "Run quickly! My brothers about to evolve into a fire-breathing dragon!"

Seeing that the two had run far away, Ruan Qinghe plucked out those burnt hair strands in anger. "That heartless a*shole!"

Ruan Baoer pushed Si Han into her sports car. After the car drove out of the Ruan familys guarding area, she slowed down and looked at the man in the passenger seat apologetically.

"Sorry, I didnt know my brother would do that. This was really not my idea."

"I know."

"Thats good."

Then, the atmosphere fell into silence.

When the car stopped in front of the winery, Ruan Baoer mustered up the courage and said, "Si Han, I want to talk to you."

"Aside from relationships, you can talk about anything you like."

Ruan Baoer felt slight pain in her heart. She quickly suppressed it and smiled brightly.

"Do you know when I started to like you?"

Without waiting for him to say anything, she very naturally answered, "Actually, I dont know it myself either. This probably verifies that statement about love. When I realized that I like you, I hesitated for a long time. I was afraid my family would become a roadblock, so I spent a long time to persuade my parents and brother."

Si Han was slightly stunned.

He hadnt known any of these.

He became aware of her feelings only after Ruan Baoer got drunk that night.

So, it had been that long.

Ruan Baoer met his eyes. "Im saying all these things not to gain sympathy. I just wanted to tell you Im not a kid anymore. Its not out of impulse that I like you. Ive considered it well. Im serious about you. So if you want to reject me, please be serious as well."

If Si Han always thought that she was playing, she could never succeed.

Upon hearing this, Si Han looked like he was moved.

Being moved was just a response borne of shock regarding her sincere feelings.

He didnt brush her off in a teasing manner like before and said, "Youre not the kind that I like."Read more chapter on vipnovel.com

"Then what kind of girl do you like? I can try and change for you."

"" Si Han felt a headache.

As a man with a blank in his emotional life, he was irritated by entangled relationships between men and women.

"Ruan Baoer, go and talk to Lin Wanwan. She would give you an answer on my behalf."

Ruan Baoers lips curved into a bitter smile. "Youre not even willing to give me an answer personally?"

Si Han pushed open the car door. From Ruan Baoers angle, his resolute face was unusually cool, and his tone didnt carry with it the slightest affection.

"There are many things in this world that cant be forced. Im certain that Im not moved by you. Even if you persist for a lifetime, I cant respond the way you would like me to. Stop wasting time. You deserve someone better."

These words were ruthless.

However, compared to not having the heart to reject outrightly and thus giving the other party a chance although there was obvious dislike, Si Han was cruel but reliable.

It was better to deal with painful things quickly.

She was rejected again

A trace of water appeared in Ruan Baoers eyes. However, the smile on her face was still as brilliant as spring.

"Si Han, I wont give up!"

"Up to you." He had said all that he should.

Ruan Baoer saw him leave resolutely. Due to her disappointment, tears started to fall.

Very quickly, she put away her vulnerability.

Hey, she was a never-say-die cockroach. She would never give up until the last moment!