Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 863

Chapter 863 Everyone Come Out For A Meal

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Knowing that Si Han was safe, she finally relaxed. However, upon thinking about Ruan Baoers situation, she felt a little worried.

In the blink of an eye, a week had passed by. In this era of endless news, the forgetful netizens gradually forgot the rumors between Si Han and Ruan Baoer.

A few days later, the filming of "A Fathers Love Is Like a Mountain" ended.

During the publicity period, Lin Wanwan traveled to different cities. She was so tired that she didnt have enough time to sleep.

It had not been easy for her to go through that publicity period. She made a trip to school.

Now, she was in the second semester of her second year.

After lessons, Lin Wanwan returned to the hostel. She lay on the bed, dug out her mobile, and started to send Si Han a WeChat message.

"Si Dada, youre still angry?"

"The other party isnt your friend. Please add your friend and continue chatting."


He had such a short temper!

Lin Wanwan thought for a while and opened the WeChat group Ruan Baoer had created.

Lin Wanwan: "Si Dada, if youre here, please respond."

Si Han didnt reply. Instead, a few other people immediately replied.

Tang Chen sent a flying kiss emoji.

Shen Zhiyi: "Wanwan, there are some delicious-looking ladies at Jin Tong Que. Do you want to try them tonight?"

Mo Chen: "Please bring me along. I cant bear the status of being a virgin anymore!"

Lin Wanwan: "Ok. Si Dada, come out quickly. Ill bring you along to find some girls tonight as compensation."

Lu Zhanbei: "What about me?"

Lin Wanwan laughed and changed her name.

Lu Zhanbeis young wife: "If I go out to make merry, of course you can only wait for me obediently to return home."

Shen Zhiyi: "The two of you really know how to play"

Lu Zhanbei also changed his name.

A fool: "Oh."

Lu Zhanbeis young wife: ""

This move was too ruthless. It had the rhythm of killing ten thousand enemies but making eight thousand of their own men self-destruct.

Lin Wanwan wiped her face and directly added Si Han in her message.

"Si Dada, I was in the wrong. Sorry. o(_)o"

Shen Zhiyi: "Why dont you try acting like a spoiled child?"

Seeing that Si Han had made up his mind to feign ignorance, Lin Wanwan became determined and typed a line of words.

"At 8 pm tomorrow, Ill treat you to drinks at Jin Tong Que as a form of apology. If you dont come, Ill continue to wait. I wont leave without seeing you!"

Lin Wanwan switched off her mobile. She went to the pet store near the school and bought a lot of cat food and dog food. She went to the green belt not too far away.

Every year, a lot of graduates will leave the Imperial Capital Film Academy upon graduation. Many people chose to abandon their pets there.

Over time, countless stray cats and dogs appeared around the school.

After discovering them by accident once, Lin Wanwan would come here to feed them whenever she was free.

She came to a secluded tree. "Everyone, come out for a meal," she shouted, but not a single cat or dog ran out.

Something was amiss.

In the past, as long as she appeared, they would rush out like a swarm of bees.

She followed this green belt and searched for them. Suddenly, she stopped in her tracks.

In the afterglow of the setting sun, the golden sunlight shone through the dense foliage, reflecting irregular patches of light on the ground.

A group of kittens and puppies squatted in an orderly manner in two rows. There were several plates filled with cat food and dog food in front of them.

A woman in a red dress was sitting on the edge of the flower bed. She looked at them with her hand propping her chin. Although the posture wasnt pleasing to the eye, she only gave off elegant laziness.

At this moment, a white kitten who had finished eating walked over. She used her furry head and rubbed against her finger.