Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 864

Chapter 864 : The Real Vixen

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There was a beautiful smile on the womans face, and her eyes looked gentle. Her slender fingers patted the kittens head, and her slightly low voice was very attractive.

"Youre full? Its despicable of you to act cute."

As she said this, she picked the white kitten up, not caring if it was clean or not.

As she saw this, Lin Wanwan couldnt help but smile.

At this moment, she felt that she was looking at an angel.

"Hello." Lin Wanwan walked up and naturally greeted her. "I was initially curious where they went to. It turned out you were feeding them."

The woman looked up and straight into her eyes.

Lin Wanwan looked at the woman and a trace of shock flashed past her eyes.

She was so beautiful.

Unlike the popular awl face with big eyes, she was quite recognizable with her exquisite facial features and deep contours. Her slightly raised eyes were extremely charming.

The full red lips were naturally pouting. One look at them and anyone would develop the impulse to approach her.

Her beauty was not in her physical appearance. It was in the fatal seductiveness brought about by her.

This was someone whom the same gender would find hard to like and the opposite gender would find hard to dislike.

The woman tilted her head and smiled. Even though Lin Wanwan was a woman, she felt that her soul had been hooked away as well.

"Lin Wanwan?"

Lin Wanwan recovered herself and removed the mask on her face. "You can actually recognize me when Im in such a disguise?"

The woman put down the cat on her legs. She dug out a mobile from the handbag next to her and swayed it gently.


Lin Wanwan took a closer look and gave a tsk. "Youre my fan?"

This mobile had been given away during the fan meet Lin Wanwan held a few days ago. This was considered to be one of the most valuable prizes in the draw.

Although this looked like a lousy product that didnt even have a logo, Lu Zhanbei had especially had them custom-made from abroad.

Lin Wanwan thought that it was a waste to leave them there and decided to use them for giveaways.

The woman didnt say yes or no. "I have always had good luck."

Lin Wanwan smiled and squatted down. She stroked the head of an orange cat.

However, as soon as she put her hand on it, the over-sized orange cat turned its head away arrogantly.

"Youre not giving me face, are you?"

The woman heard Lin Wanwans murmur and hooked her finger at the orange cat. "Emerald Flower, come over."

Emerald Flower

Its name should be more casual. After all, it was a cat boss.

As a dignified cat, it would definitely not accept such a crude name.

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Emerald Flower kicked its hind legs and jumped into the womans arms.

The womans body swayed from the impact. "No wonder people say that out of ten orange cats, nine of them will be fat and one of them will be like an elephant."

"" The description was quite apt.

Lin Wanwan put the cat food she brought along onto plates. She placed the plates in various hidden places so that it would be convenient for them to eat the food at any time.

After she finished busying herself, she patted her hands and looked at that woman. "I still have something on. Ill get going first."

The woman looked at her and suddenly smiled. The gentle and pure smile on her face was like a blooming poppy.

Even though it was known to be poisonous, one could not help but be seduced by it.

"My name is Fu Ya."

Fu. This surname was quite rare.

"Ill remember it. If were fated, well see each other again."

Fu Ya saw her turn around and leave. The smile on the corners of her mouth faded.

She bent over and picked up the big orange cat. She gently scratched its chin and murmured meaningfully, "Emerald Flower, of course we will see each other again. Isnt that right?"


Fu Ya lowered her head and scratched its head. Her beautiful eyes were like two vortexes. They carried with them a magical power that was easy for people to sink into and were full of unknown mystery.