Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 865

Chapter 865 As Long As You Are Willing To Forgive Me

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She held the big orange cat in her arms and picked up her handbag. The back view of her in high heels showcased the curves of a vixen.

"Emerald Flower, those who have the same misfortune sympathize with each other. Find a partner to spend the rest of your life with. However, I prefer beautiful cats, so Ill supervise you into losing weight."



Sweet laughter could be heard a long way away.

The next night, Lin Wanwan opened a room at Jin Tong Que punctually. Except for Si Han, everyone else in the group came over.

Lin Wanwan was so upset she looked like an abandoned wife. She held rose petals in her hand.

"He wont be here, he will be here"

The last flower petal fell to the ground.

"Si Dada wont be here. Sigh!"

Lin Wanwan looked disheartened.

Ruan Baoer sat over with a guilty look. "Sorry, Ball, I have implicated you."

Lin Wanwan looked at her skinny face and shook her head. "No worries. At the very most, Ill give him a live performance of me bearing the rod and willingly taking the punishment."

Lu Zhanbei looked at her and dug out his mobile to log in to Weibo.

"Si Han, is there meaning to blowing cold wind outside the door? Do I need to send eight cars and someone to carry you in?"

"What a busybody."

"Five minutes from now, I want to see you appear in front of Lin Wanwan. If you dont, bear the consequences yourself."

Si Han didnt buy this.

"What consequences? Are you going to beat me up or kill me? Im scared~"

"Ill help Lin Wanwan to pair you and Ruan Baoer together. I know youre not afraid of threats. Are you afraid of having trouble in your life, then?"

"Lu Zhanbei, count yourself ruthless. Ill definitely get even with you for this!"

"Dont worry. I wont make you come over for nothing. Ill help you dispel Lin Wanwans thoughts regarding being a matchmaker."

"Mr. Lus trick of giving a sweet after a slap is really brilliant."

Lin Wanwan waited for a while again. She couldnt help but look at Lu Zhanbei and blinked intensely.

Lu Zhanbei looked over from the corner of his eye. "Im not helping. Im not free. Pray hard by yourself."

Lin Wanwan was speechless. ""

Sometimes, understanding each other too well wasnt exactly a good thing.

"Lu Zhanbei, there better not be a day when youll come begging me. If that day comes, see how Ill take revenge!"

Lu Zhanbei smiled. "In the next lifetime."

As Tang Chen supported his head with one hand, he listened to the two of them flirting. His confused peach-shaped eyes looked a little shocked and desolate.

At this moment, the door opened.

"Sorry, Im late."

Lin Wanwan jolted to attention and immediately rushed toward the door. She disregarded her image and hugged Si Hans arm, squeezing out two teardrops in her eyes.

"Si Han, I know my mistake. As long as youre willing to forgive me, Ill be willing to be a slave for you in the next lifetime."

Si Hans eyes turned cold. "What about this lifetime?"

"Ah?" Lin Wanwan was shocked. Why didnt he follow the routine?

Si Han pushed her away. When he walked to the corner, he half-laughed and glanced at Lu Zhanbei.

Lin Wanwan poured two glasses of wine and walked over to Si Han. "After drinking this glass of wine, we will continue being good partners."

Si Han, who was lying spinelessly on the sofa, could feel Ruan Baoers gaze on him like a moving shadow. He pretended not to see it, and his red lips opened into an evilly charming curve.

"Theres no need to. I cant afford a partner whos always looking out for someone else."

Ruan Baoer was afraid the two of them would argue because of her. She tried her best to smile and was prepared to get going first.

At this time, Shen Zhiyi stood up, as if not sensing the tense atmosphere.

"Wanwan, its so boring. Why dont we play a game?"

"What game?"