Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 866

Chapter 866 Not Lacking Women The Most

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"Truth or dare."

"Why is it truth or dare again? Thats boring. Im not playing!"

"No, no, no. The person who loses can only choose dare."

Looking into Shen Zhiyis sly eyes, Lin Wanwan immediately understood what she was thinking.

"Ok, lets go!"

However, someone needed to rig this game. Lin Wanwans deep gaze landed on Lu Zhanbei.

He didnt get the chance to look disdainful because Lin Wanwan immediately changed her mind. "Tang Chen, thats you. No problem, right?"

"" Mr. Lus handsome face darkened.

Tang Chen was very happy to see his love rival being jealous. "No problem."

Shen Zhiyi took out cards numbered from one to six and started to talk about the rules.

"I will shuffle the cards and hand them over randomly. Peach-shaped eyes would shake the dice. Whoever gets the corresponding card number on the dice would be punished."

Si Han looked at the card number five that was forced into his hands and had an unreadable look on his face.

They wanted to play games with him, did they?

After handing out the cards, Shen Zhiyi picked up the dice cup. When she handed it over to Tang Chen, she quickly wrote down a number on his palm.

Following Tang Chens random shaking, the dice hit the dice cup and produced a crisp sound.


He placed the dice cup on the table.

When the answer was revealed in slow motion, everyone except Lu Zhanbei and Si Han looked on at the scene with held breaths.

Finally, the number inside was presented to everyone.

Shen Zhiyi gave Tang Chen an appreciative look, then pretended to feign ignorance and ask, "Who got card number five?"


Si Han flipped the card over. "Me."

Shen Zhiyi cleared her throat. "Be willing to admit defeat. Dont worry, as friends, I wont put you in a spot. Just do a French kiss with any woman here within three minutes. Thats easy enough, right?"

She was ruthless enough.

There were only three women in the room.Read comics on our Wuxiaworld.live

Si Han looked at Lin Wanwan. Sensing his gaze, Lin Wanwan flipped her hair shyly. "Im very willing to help you, as long as Lu Zhanbei agrees to it."

Lu Zhanbei didnt change his expression. "I have no objections. A friendly reminder though. She didnt brush her teeth today."


Looking at the two of them who were staring at each other, Si Han decisively gave Lin Wanwan a pass.

He looked at Shen Zhiyi again. Without waiting for her to say anything, he quickly shifted his gaze away.

Ms. Shen gritted her teeth. Damn. Was she being despised?

Ruan Baoer, who had been looking at Si Han from the beginning to the end, saw that he never looked at her in the eye once. She felt disappointed but still continued to smile without her heart in it.

"Si Han, choose me, choose me! Sister Ball and Shen Zhiyi have both been kissed by men before. Only I am yet to have my first kiss!"

Lin Wanwan leaned over in curiosity. She suppressed her voice and asked, "Sister Zhenyi, who snatched your first kiss away?"

Shen Zhiyi pouted. "A dog."

Tang Chen was speechless. ""

Si Han still didnt look at Ruan Baoer. He looked at the bunch of gentlemen with interest. "Can I not choose a woman?"

"No!" everyone said in unison.

Ruan Baoers heart ached, and she nearly couldnt maintain her smile anymore.

Si Han stood up suddenly and headed outside.

"Si Dada, where are you going?"

"To complete my punishment."

Shen Zhiyi only specified the time but not who the other party was to be.

What Jin Tong Que did not lack most were women.

Shen Zhiyi thought of this bug as well and was feeling troubled. Lin Wanwan walked over and said in a lowered voice, "Although Si Dada looks like this, hes definitely not a man without moral integrity. Follow him. At the appropriate time, do some damage so that he can only kiss Baoer!"

"Ok, lets do that!"