Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 867

Chapter 867 Seductive Red Lips

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Si Han walked to the hall. A few dancers with hot figures were pole dancing on the U-shaped stage in the center.

Under the rotation of colorful lights, the men who came to seek fun were either seated at the high chairs appreciating the view or hugging beauties at the bar counter, drinking and laughing.

The current circumstances could be said to be steeped in wine and surrounded by women.

Lin Wanwan and the rest stood at the corner and watched Si Han enter the hall.

However, Ruan Baoer felt panicky. What if Si Han really went all out?

"Sister Ball, why dont we forget it"

"Eh?" At this moment, Shen Zhiyis eyes shone. "Look quickly in the eight oclock direction. I seem to have seen BaoSi1."

Bao Si? Lin Wanwan looked over with curiosity.

In the corner of the bar, a woman in a red dress was sipping wine.

The slit of her dress was very high, and her long white legs were faintly visible. However, the other parts of her body were hidden well. Such a style of dressing was even more seductive than being totally naked.

She lifted her neck and finished the contents of the glass in one go.

A drop of red wine slipped across the corner of her lips, and she used the tip of her tongue to roll it away. Such a simple action carried with it fatal seductiveness.

Even though she was seated in a secluded area, she was everyones focal point.

Lin Wanwans eyes narrowed. It was her. She seemed to be called Fu Ya.

She hadnt seen her for a day, but she seemed to have become more charming again. She was like a vixen in a mirage where her beauty was illusionary and no men could resist her.

Si Han came to the hall and saw Fu Ya at first glance.

Ruan Baoer and Lin Wanwan had both asked him before what kind of women he liked.

The answer was simple: a charming slut.

It was her.

Si Han walked over. However, a young man who had been eyeing her for a long time and self-proclaimed to have come from a strong background sat down next to her. He revealed a smile that he thought was elegant.

"Pretty lady, may I treat you to a drink?"

Fu Ya changed her sitting position and crossed her long legs. "It depends if you are able to afford it."

"All I have is money. Theres nothing I cant afford!"

"Very well, then."

Fu Ya smiled charmingly, and the man could not help but touch her face.

However, a hand stretched out of nowhere and grabbed his wrist firmly. He turned it hard!

After giving a series of pitiful screams, the man fell to the ground with his back facing down.

"Its immoral to cut queue."

Si Han stepped on his mouth and blocked the noise he was making. Then, he looked at the woman who was still smiling sweetly.

Fu Ya looked at him and raised her eyebrows. "You want to treat me to a drink as well?"

Without any warning, Si Han reached out fiercely and lifted her chin slightly.

Under the light, the womans smile was like a strong drug.

In the next second, Si Han lowered his head and kissed those seductive red lips.

Upon witnessing this scene, Lin Wanwan was shocked.

What the! Si Dada really kissed her!

After the temporary shock, Lin Wanwan immediately looked at Ruan Baoer.

Her face went pale. Even her lips were trembling.

Her heart aching, Lin Wanwan grabbed her. "This is just a game."

Ruan Baoer didnt say anything. She clenched her fists and walked toward the two who were kissing.

Lin Wanwan was afraid that she would do something irrational on an impulse. She was about to chase after her when Lu Zhanbei stopped her.

"No one else should interfere in others relationships. If they do, it would only become more chaotic. Just be a bystander."

After struggling for a long while, Lin Wanwan stopped in her tracks.

Si Han clasped the back of Fu Yas head. Fu Ya wrapped her arms around his neck.

As their lips and tongues mingled, there was no trace of tenderness to speak of. It was like a fierce collision between softness and hardness. Both of them wanted to gain the initiative.

Even though their tongues were tingling with pain from the sucking, they still went wild.