Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 868

Chapter 868 This Kiss Was Only The Beginning

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A good-looking couple was kissing passionately, and this attracted a large group of people into kicking up a fuss.

However, both of them kept their eyes open and showed no signs of sinking deeper.

As they looked at each other, it became clear that they were trying to compete.

Not knowing how long had passed, Ruan Baoer was about to rush over to separate the two when Si Han retracted his hand and swiped it across those slightly swollen lips.

"You taste good."

"Thanks. You too." Fu Ya licked the corners of her lips, as if reminiscing. Her eyes were silk-like.

Si Han dug out his wallet and took out a check from inside. "This is your compensation. Thanks for cooperating."

He casually placed the check on the bar counter. Then, he helped the man whom hed stepped on back on his feet.

"Its your turn now."

After saying this, he no longer looked at Fu Ya and strode away.

Ruan Baoer stood at her original spot for a while. Then, she walked toward Fu Ya and didnt put on any airs.

"Sorry, he was just completing a punishment as part of a game. Hope you wont take it to heart. Ill apologize on his behalf. If youre not satisfied with the amount on the check, you can look for me!"

After saying, she turned around and left.

As she watched their back views disappear, Fu Ya picked up that check.

One million dollars. Her kiss was still quite valuable.

That rich young girl who thought that money was almighty actually promised that she could give her more benefits. Her love for that man was deep, eh?

Fu Ya curved her lips. However, her eyes were scarily cold.

This kiss was only the beginning.

Ruan Baoer didnt return to the room. What Si Han did tonight agitated her quite a bit and she needed to calm down. If she didnt, she was afraid she would do something irreparable.

Lin Wanwan let Gu Mo secretly protect her.

Thinking of how pale Ruan Baoer looked before she left, Lin Wanwan sat next to Si Han and asked, "You really dont have any feelings for Baoer?"

Si Han turned the wine glass in his hands. "I wont have feelings for a kid. It feels like Im committing a crime."

Lin Wanwan thought to herself,Forget it. I wont interfere in the future.

Si Han saw that Lin Wanwan was dejected and couldnt tell what she was thinking. He stretched his arm and rested it on her shoulders.

"Here, Im in a good mood today. Drink with me."

Lin Wanwan said sarcastically, "After kissing a stunner for three minutes straight, its no wonder youre in such a good mood."

Si Han knew she felt that injustice had been done to Ruan Baoer. He shrugged his shoulders and drank by himself.

Seeing that he didnt reply, Lin Wanwan felt a little bad.

"Si Dada, sorry. I wont interfere with your matters in the future. No matter what decision you make, Ill support it."

"Lets have a drink, then."


The two of them clang glasses. As they drank, they talked about future work plans.

Lin Wanwan didnt want to experience a forced cold shower after being drunk and, thus, stopped appropriately.

However, it seemed that Si Han was really in a good mood. He drank one glass after another.

Thankfully, he had a high tolerance for alcohol. Even after drinking a few bottles of wine with a high alcohol content, he was only slightly tipsy.

An hour later, the party ended.

Before leaving, Tang Chen called Lin Wanwan aside. "I forgot to give you your nineteenth birthday present. Ill make it up to you today."

After saying this, he quickly shoved something in her hands and said with an ambiguous look, "Take it. You will like it."

Lin Wanwan lowered her head and saw two small unlabeled bottles in her palm.

"What are these?"

Tang Chen said, "Just one drop of the blue and Lu Zhanbei will definitely not be able to withstand it. Just one drop of the red and its guaranteed that he wont be a man for half a month. Its that simple to get him to beg you."