Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 869

Chapter 869 Its Me. Are You Surprised?

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Lin Wanwan squinted her eyes. After a brief struggle, the little devil in her finally won.

"Ill accept the gift. Ill try them some other day."

Seeing her walk toward Lu Zhanbei, Tang Chen smiled evilly.

He didnt feel good in his heart. Thus, Lu Zhanbei didnt need to think of leading a comfortable life as well!

Everyone got in their cars and left. Si Han, who was the last to leave Jin Tong Que, slowly looked for his own car.

He pulled open the car door and sat in. Before he could buckle his seat belt, a body with an intoxicating fragrance squeezed in and nestled directly in his arms.

In the next second, the other party looked up and offered her hot red lips to him.

The familiar and sweet taste made Si Han lose himself for a few seconds. When he recovered himself, the womans agile tongue had already pried open his lips and teeth. She kissed every inch of his lips boldly and tried to arouse his desire.

Si Han frowned and immediately pushed her away.

"Oh my!" The woman knocked her head against the car door. Though her voice was hoarse, it was charming.

Through the bright moonlight, Si Han saw her face clearly.

"Its you?"

Fu Ya smiled. "Its me. Are you surprised?"

Seeing that she wanted to sit over, Si Hans gaze sank. "Stay away from me!"

"Are you angry?"

Fu Ya sat on the floor of the car. This action exposed her entire thigh. Even her sexy black lace was clearly visible.

Seeing that Si Han turned a blind eye, she smiled even more charmingly. She pulled a piece of paper from her chest with her fingers and placed it on his thigh.

"Dont be angry. This is compensation."

Si Han glanced down and realized that this was the check he had given her before.

The hand Fu Ya placed on his thigh inched up bit by bit. The intention to tease was obvious.

After drinking alcohol, Si Han was bad-tempered and couldnt be bothered to talk nonsense with her. "Get off now."

Seeing that her teasing was ineffective, Fu Ya stopped her moves. Her smile gradually turned cold.

"Big Manager, does Lin Wanwan know that you look down on women this much?"

Upon hearing this, Si Han slowly lowered his body. He pinched her chin, his eyes like frost.

"I look down on presumptuous women who love to play cat and mouse with others."

"Do you know what kind of men I look down on the most?"

Although she was obviously being controlled, Fu Ya still laughed and even pulled Si Hans tie.

Their faces were less than two centimeters apart. As their eyes met, her red lips opened. "A male chauvinistic pig who has been raised by power like you!"

Si Han laughed out of anger. Aside from Lin Wanwan, this was the first woman whod dared to scold him.

However, it was a pity that he had been mingling in the entertainment circle for such a long time that he had long become immune to various tricks.

Si Han retrieved his hands. He dug out his handkerchief and carefully wiped the finger Fu Ya had touched, as if it was contaminated with some bacteria.

"If you dont get off, I dont mind giving you a ride."

Fu Ya ignored the threat in his words and raised her eyebrows provocatively.

"Heh, the big manager flew into a rage out of humiliation. However, how am I wrong? The Qing Dynastys long gone. On what basis can you kiss me forcibly and throw a check at me but I cant return tit-for-tat? Not only are you a male chauvinistic pig, but you have double standards as well."

Si Han was speechless. ""

How sharp-tongued. She didnt lose to Lin Wanwan one bit.

However, he had to admit that she was right.

Si Han was speechless but still appeared cold on the surface. "Ok, you have forced a kiss on me. You can get lost now."

"Not yet." Fu Ya held a finger up and shook it. Her flowery smile looked so unpredictable.