Sweet Adorable Wife Please Kiss Slower Chapter 870

Chapter 870 This Vixen Did It Deliberately

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A trace of dangerous light flashed past Si Hans eyes.

He was someone hard-hearted. He hated entangling relationships the most.

"30, 29, 28"

Fu Ya started to count down without rhyme or reason.

Si Han frowned slightly and felt something was wrong in his heart.

Just when he decided to throw this woman out, a wave of heat surged in his abdomen. The sudden desire was attempting to destroy his rationale.


As the last number fell, Fu Ya looked at Si Hans slightly changed look. She slowly climbed up his leg, raised her head, and smiled. "Mr. Si, not only does my kiss taste good, but it is also poisonous. Do you like it?"

Si Han recalled her kiss. At that time, he thought that something like sand was stuck to his lips and teeth, but he didnt take it to heart.

Now, he understood it.

Shed put the medicine in her mouth and passed it to him via that kiss

The heat that Si Han was suppressing was surging in his body. He caught Fu Yas long and slender neck with one hand.

With just a little force, Fu Ya was pressed against the seat and her back hurt.

"Plotting against me? Eh?"

The grave of the last person who dared to plot against him was already three meters high!

Her life was in his hands. The pain from slight suffocation made Fu Yas skin turn pale. Not only did this not damage her coquettish smile, but it even made people want to ravage her more.

She swept her right hand across her chest and several buttons fell apart. A seductive view of her chest was exposed.

"The antidote is here. Mr. Si, dont be shy."

Si Han leaned closer to her face. "Youre so certain Ill do what you want? Compared to sleeping with you, I want to break your neck more."

"Of course Im certain." Seeing that his expression had turned cold, Fu Ya laughed. "You wouldnt go find someone else when you can use this ready-made antidote here, right?"

This was a deliberate seduction.

It was good that this was deliberate. This meant that there was something this woman wanted from him. After the deed was done, he could get both her and the money.

In the dimly-lit car, Si Hans pale face was flushed with an abnormal red. A few strands of his hair were messy, and he squinted his eyes sexily.

Fu Ya sensed that he had loosened his grip and started to kiss his chin.

"What are you waiting for, Mr. Si? Every minute is precious."

Si Han lowered his head and looked at the shabbily-dressed woman. Every inch of her body could be considered perfect. The image of her twisting about nearly dazzled him.

With such a stunner taking the initiative, it would seem that he was letting himself down if he didnt sleep with her.

"You want to?"

"Yes." Fu Ya seemed to not know what "reserved" meant.

"Beg me."

Since she wanted to obtain some benefits from him, she should at least put on a begging attitude.

Fu Yas lips were close to his ears. She breathed, "Please."

Si Hans flame of desire was ignited vigorously. Fu Ya retracted her legs and blinked innocently.

"Dont be anxious. Im not done begging yet."

Si Han was speechless. ""

This vixen did it deliberately.

She had taken the initiative and seemed to be obedient. However, in reality, she wasnt willing to lose at all. Could it be that she wanted him to beg her?

Si Han grabbed her waist and kissed her without hesitation. He didnt forget to lay the seat flat.

Fu Ya had accidentally swallowed some medicine earlier as well and struggled symbolically twice.

Sensing that the mans body was taut and that it was obvious he could no longer hold back, she curved her lips and smiled. Following her own desire, she responded enthusiastically with bold and wild movements.

There were even times wherein she wanted to suppress Si Han under her.